Korea Travelogue: Day 10 Hoya Sushi, Common Ground & Nak Suh Pajeon

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After we left the LINE Friends Store at Itaewon, we made our way to Konkuk University Station for the first real meal of the day – sushi!

This sushi store was introduced to us by our dance instructor and here’s their address: 12-36, Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

For those need a more detailed route, do refer to this blogpost here by  this blogger!

The star item on their menu is their salmon sashimi so we ordered a ton of dishes with salmon cos we were SO.HUNGRY!

Love how thick the sashimi is!


I’ll be very honest about it, all 3 of us didn’t find the sushi mind blowing or maybe we had too high expectations going into this sushi restaurant. And I was feeling a little queasy afterwards because the sushi smelt very fishy so I was really forcing myself to swallow it down. Here’s the irony though in 2017 – I’m allergic to salmon and I can’t eat sashimi anymore without feeling extremely sick afterwards *heartbroken*


Korea Travelogue: Day 10 LINE Friends Flagship Store Itaewon

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Kicked off the second day in Seoul by heading to Itaewon from Hapjeong station.

Chanced upon this birthday fan banner in the metro for Sunggyu <3

Exited from Exit 3 at Itaewon station and walked straight ahead to be greeted by this lovely sight of Brown and Cony :D

There are a few LINE Friends stores located in Korea but out of all the ones I’ve been to, my most favourite one is the Itaewon one because it is SOOOOOOO HUGE (3 storeys high wtf).

I’ve been to the stores at Garosugil (not bad because it has a cafe too but not as big as the Itaewon store), Myeongdong (very small) and Hongdae (also very small). If you really love LINE Friends, my recommendation would be this flagship store in Itaewon. Also do set aside a couple of hours to explore and shop in the store, maybe pop by the cafe for a drink just to chill because they have very cute LINE Friends themed food and beverages.

I was squealing with excitement when we arrived because I am a huge LINE Friends fan! Carol can attest to that because we both use the app daily to chat plus we always egg each other to buy useless LINE Friends stuff just cause they are damn cute HAHAHAHAHA

Photo spam coming up because we were just taking pictures left, right and centre! The store allows phototaking so go ahead and take to your heart’s content :)


Korea Travelogue: Day 9 Mecenatpolis & CaFace

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Hi everyone! OMG it is August 2017 liao /cue cricket sounds/

SORRY for just lagging in my travelogue entries, as usual, life got the better hold of me and I just don’t have time to sleep. I actually did a trip to Seoul & Busan last month with my mother for some mother-daughter bonding but I had no intention to dedicate an entire travelogue series to it because I haven’t even finished this one I started in 2016 lol.

Anyway, will try and get this blog (and maybe my life) more lively because I’ll have more time after this week to focus on myself since I’m taking a year off work to be a full-time student :D



We began the journey back to Seoul early in the morning because all the other timings were sold out so we were left with only the morning KTX train.

Tip: Avoid buying KTX tickets last minute on weekends because they will be sold out. Either buy ahead of time or shift your travelling day to a weekday where lesser people will go back to Seoul.

Breakfast at the Paris Croissant inside Busan KTX station before we boarded the train bound for Seoul. Journey is close to 3 hours so do remember to buy some snacks and drinks to keep yourself full for the trip.