Taiwan Travelogue: Day 4 in Taipei Formosa Chang, Shopping at Stay Real & SOGO

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Wohoo okay am on a roll! Spent Day 4 in Taipei doing what all girls love: eating and shopping!
I wanted to go to Formosa Chang for my favourite minced pork rice or 滷肉飯. If you’ve been to Taiwan before I am pretty sure you have tried the rice from this chain of stores. The outlet at Wu Fen Pu is a haunt for tourists actually haha! But sadly, standards have dropped over the years since I first tried it. In fact, the bf dislikes it but only went because I didn’t like the rice from other stores lol. Oops :P
The man with the beard or ‘Formosa Chang’ is synonymous with the minced pork rice so even if you cannot read Chinese, by looking at the mascot you’d be able to tell that this is the correct store. You can check out the outlets are their website here.
We went to an outlet in Neihu area because…. we boarded the wrong bus lol. And somehow ended up spotting an outlet la.
What we ordered! Not much given that it’s just the two of us only.
 And for the highlight…. the ‘yuan yang’ dish of chicken strips and minced pork rice!

It’s not on the menu so you can tell the server to give you half of each or tell them yuan yang haha. Perks of dating a local, they will tell you things like these xD

Corn soup – please skip this! It wasn’t tasty at all D:
You can buy back these prepacked minced pork sachets. Regret not getting any though boo :(
Off to the convenience store for a drink lol! Another fav hobby of ours.
Next stop was actually to the Stay Real新忠孝店 to buy things for Stella and Wanjun. Hopped onto the mrt and got off at Zhong Xiao Dun Hua station to walk to the store.
Passed by a newly open Innisfree store and was just mindblown by how awesome the entire store was haha!
I promise I will start a K-Beauty series soon okay because I always have people asking me what type of Korean brands to buy so why not give you guys my honest opinions and then you can decide for yourselves what suits your needs best :)
Ok, no more digression!
Found the store after walking around in circles because I couldn’t orientate myself with the map HAHAHA! Oh and managed to snag myself a pair of shoes at the underground mall so not that bad yeah.
Bought close to $300 worth of items – bags, clothes etc – and left afterwards to Zhong Xiao Fu Xing’s SOGO because I told the bf I wanted to visit SOGO and buy makeup!
Stopped by the Fu Xing branch of SOGO for some much needed rest actually. My feet was hurting so badly by then so I requested for a pit stop. He agreed quite quickly because he really dislikes walking around that much haha. Men.
This cafe is located on Level 10 in the SOGO Fuxing branch. Food was alright given that they were only desserts to be honest. I liked my apple crumble thingy but the bf gobbled up his crepe as soon as the waiter set the plate done lol so I guess it’s nicer? He refused to eat mine though even though I offered HAHAAH!
SOGO is actually separated into two branches – Fuxing and Zhongxiao. Both are just diagonally across the road to each other and accessible via the MRT (Zhongxiao Fuxing station). I didn’t check out the makeup counters at the Fuxing branch because I stupidly thought there was only makeup counters in the Zhongxiao branch. Nevertheless, I will leave the makeup shopping in another entry so do check back for it yeah! :D
Popped by the Watsons that is beside the Zhongxiao branch of SOGO and was just like… ‘Take all my money right now!’ to the makeup there lololol #makeupaddictwoes
And as you can see, this outlet is actually 24 hours (as are some larger outlets) so I was like… ‘What!? MIDNIGHT SHOPPING FTW NO?!’ to the bf and he gave me the evil eye lol.
He always complains to his family that Singaporean girls like to go to Taiwan’s Watsons only hahaha like as if we don’t have Watsons stores in our country. We do, but they are all marked up and way more expensive so… just let us enjoy Taiwan’s ones will you? *waves fist*
Left with a huge bagful of items and took the train back home!
The dark blue seats are actually the train’s priority seats. Please do not sit on them unless you are like…. senior citizen level because the locals will really judge you or scold you aloud. It happened to me once and I felt quite embarrassed because in Singapore, we are only told to give up the seat when people in need are present but if not it’s okay to sit down on such seats.
In Taiwan, you just don’t sit there unless you are 65 and above, pregnant or have a broken leg or some sort. Even then, you may still get criticised so don’t say I didn’t warn you lol!
And on the escalators in Taiwan, do keep to the right as good etiquette! Oh and queue for the trains in an orderly fashion please! Don’t chiong in ah, very malu lol.
Ok, end of this entry hope it was useful for you! :D

Taiwan Travelogue: Day 3 in Taipei 101, Dazzling Cafe, Ximending

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Back to my Taiwan entires, leggo!
After spending the weekend in Taichung, we went back to Taipei and I finally had a good rest in the comfort of the bf’s comfy bed because his bed is really too darn nice to sleep in.
So much that despite making plans with Lirong to meet her and her bf at around lunch, I actually woke up at 12pm O.O
Cannot really blame ah haha, too exhausted already!
Left home around 1pm and caught the bus to get to the mrt station.
Before that, as per our normal habit, we went to the Family Mart downstairs to buy drinks lol.
This green tea tastes pretty awesome for something that doesn’t have sugar in it.
 I usually chug Pokka Green Tea like mad here in Singapore because the no sugar one taste like crap to me so anything with no sugar I just don’t consume at all. Now this brand of green tea taste refreshing and light! I likey.
To highlight something for buses in Taiwan, you don’t have to pay upon boarding immediately. Instead, check whether the driver wants you to pay upon boarding or alighting. They will indicate it, if not you can just ask the nice driver if you are unable to recognise Chinese words. Actually, just let others board first and see if they paid their fare or not la haha.
Darn mosquitoes bit me like siao!!!! *(!#&@*(&@)*(@!&*!(@&)!(
First stop was Taipei 101! We got off at 市政府 station and walked towards Taipei 101. You can do that or simply take the Red line to the Taipei 101 station.
Shinkong Mitsukoshi
The bf lives pretty near the area so this is naturally his family’s first choice to go for food, entertainment, shopping etc. I have been here to regularly and I absolutely love coming here as well because the Xinyi Shopping District (信義區) has everything under the sun here!
Wanna buy makeup? Go to Shinkong Mitsukoshi.
Wanna buy atas bags? Go Taipei 101.
Wanna watch a movie? Go to Vieshow.
And the best thing is, they are all connected via overhead bridges lol, similar to how our Orchard Rd underground links work.
Taipei 101 for our lunch at this place in the basement foodcourt.
The bf said the sushi here is extremely delicious so I was really looking forward to it!
I had a very good meal that day haha! So if you want something reasonably priced, you can try searching for this sushi place at the foodcourt area in Taipei 101.
Starting my shopping there after lunch lol! Bought masks from this Taiwanese brand while waiting for Lirong to arrive. She was stuck somewhere due to the rain.
After she and her bf arrived, we proceeded to take pictures like tourists outside Taipei 101 ROFL.
Walked over to Shinkong Mitsukoshi A11 for Dazzling Cafe!
Original plan was to head to the outlet at Breeze Center but by chance I found this one at Shinkong Mitsukoshi on the way to Taipei 101 so I told Lirong to come over because we were on a tight schedule then haha.
Dazzling Cafe has dominated the IG-phere thanks to their awesome looking thick toasts! I really wanted to try it and since Lirong was also in Taipei then, of course I had to ask our favourite food blogger if she wanted to go with me.
Ask my bf go with me sure kena niam one cos he dislikes desserts haha. So ya, sorry Lirong you became my excuse lol!
You can check all the outlets in the picture above! We were at the one called Dazzling Cafe Sunshine hence the yellow theme rofl. Had to wait for awhile to get a table despite it being a weekday and late afternoon and the staff informed us that we had a 90 minute limit inside the cafe. Boo.
Decided to order a few items to share because all 4 of us were darn full from lunch still. Please also remember that there is a minimum order for each guest so we had to order 4 items in order to meet the quota D:
So much rules one this cafe -.-“
Truffle fries
My fruit tea
I didn’t like the truffle fries because I prefer shoestring fries with truffle and the portion was quite pathetic for the price :/
The drink however I enjoyed because it was refreshing and light!
Now onto their star products – thick toasts!
Matcha thick toast
Strawberry thick toast
Lirong hard at ‘work’ lol
So the toasts looked like this inside actually. Did I like it? Not really lol.
Maybe because the cream was really overwhelming D: But the toast itself was toasted just nice and crisp. I think in future, I must have a food adventure in Taipei man. But it’ll be difficult because my trips to Taipei are usually for visiting the bf’s family. I don’t really have much control over where I can go and the schedule is usually not fixed. Oh wells~
Surprised to see that they were selling macarons as well but didn’t buy any because I knew I would end up being the only one munching on them (the bf hates them, too sweet he says) so passed on it. It didn’t really look as appetising so NT420 saved!
Headed to Shida Night Market afterwards with the couple.
So so so so disappointing D:
The whole area shrank and just looked very tiny compared to its former times.
Met Jace and her friend there and even she who loved Shida Night Market was so upset that there were so little stalls left. Heard that it was due to complaints from the residents nearby that the authorities had to ‘shut down’ the night market. What is left are all proper stalls and pricing is not very cheap. So only go if you happen to have extra time I suppose. I wouldn’t make a trip on purpose just to go to this particular night market.
Left and went back to Ximending with Lirong!
Introduced them to the bf and my favourite fried chicken – 繼光香香雞!
Upon exiting from Exit 6 towards the main shopping district, you will notice the store with the huge red banner on your right.
Look out for this store!
I love the fried chicken from this store! It’s really fried and seasoned to perfection :P Ok, totally salivating here while typing this. I know that they opened a store at Tiong Bahru Plaza in Singapore but I still prefer going to Taiwan to eat this.
Went to buy Ah Zong Mee Sua as part of our dinner.
The store is located on your right when you walk down the main stretch, I think it is the first right junction. Anyhow you will spot alot of people outside the store eating the mee sua so ya lol.
Brought Lirong to ABC Mart (located at the building beside the Uniqlo in Ximending) to buy slippers :P
Gonna share this here with anyone reading this. I never buy Havianas slippers in Singapore because they are so over-priced! I usually get them on my trips to Taipei at this ABC store in Ximending because it is so much cheaper.
Sometime when I am very lucky, there are tons of designs. So depending on your luck, you can find some nice designs in your size at cheaper prices.
The slippers are usually sold in the range of NT500 to 800? Which in my opinion is bloody cheap compared to Singapore stores. Of course, Brazil is the cheapest la but since the airfare is gonna cost way more and the time taken to fly there, this is your next best bet la lol.
Didn’t do much afterwards actually. Went back to check out Lirong’s hotel lol and to take some things from Jace who was staying in the same hotel as Lirong then we cabbed home.
Was quite hungry so went to buy some cold noodles from the convenience store.
This is my favourite kind of noodles from the convenience store actually, not cup noodles lol! Actually in general, after meeting the bf, I have been introduced alot of different types of food that I typically would not even eat so it’s good that I discovered my love for cold noodles haha!
Oh and that’s Taiwan’s version of Yakult by the way.
The green bottle is the matcha flavour with aloe vera inside. Tasted damn gross hahaha! Try at your own risk k hahaha!
End of my 3rd day in Taiwan hoho. Back again soon with more entries~

Taiwan Travelogue: Raohe Night Market

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Hi everyone! I’m here to share with you my trip(s) to one of my favourite night markets in Taipei – Raohe Night Market or in Chinese, 饒河街觀光夜市.
I very much prefer this to Shilin Night Market because of its simplicity actually. Shilin Night Market in my opinion has evolved into a major tourist trap, pretty much like our local Newton Circus Food Centre. You will never find a local there and from what I’ve heard from friends who have visited the newly renovated Shilin Night Market, the food area has shifted to an underground area and it was difficult to enjoy your food there.
Anyway, I didn’t plan on going to Shilin Night Market because it is very far from where my bf lives.
Raohe is in fact very near his place thus we visit it quite regularly. Of course the main reason for me liking this place is not because of it being near the bf’s home, but more for the variety of food it offers here. Well balanced between food and other items – what more can you ask for?

Typically, one would actually visit Wu Fen Pu Wholesale Centre and then head to Raohe Night Market because both places are extremely near each other (within 5-10 mins walking distance). I did that in the past (go to Wu Fen Pu then go eat at the night market) but this time around, I had planned to go to Wu Fen Pu on another day.
We just stopped by here to grab some dinner actually haha! Came back a second time around to collect the shoes I had ordered in a store and ate more food again.
There are 2 entrances to this night market – one faces a temple, while the other is facing… somewhere lol. Ok I think it is nearer to Wu Fen Pu. My guess ah, don’t quote me on that lol.
This night market is actually quite small compared to others like Shilin or Fengjia and stalls are situated in a way that you just walk down 2 stretches and ta-dah, the end! LOL. Kinda like a 2 way road if you get my drift.
So food is readily available here and I like how the stalls change every now and then. Everytime I come back to this night market, I always tell the bf ‘Wah, new stall leh! BUY!’ ROFL

This stall sells flamed beef. SO DELICIOUS PLEASE TRY IT!

How it works is that the staff will grill the beef and then use a torch to give the meat this char flavour. Very juicy the meat lol. And when you other, they will ask you what type of flavours you want as you can see in the pic above.
We couldn’t decide so we let the guy put what he deemed as delicious for us.

This is the large portion that costs NT100.
We actually finished a box of the large portion, made a u-turn and bought another box to eat because it was too nice!

I love this drink! Very refreshing during hot weather. It’s just basically jelly and water mixed with lemon or lime. Shiok factor: very high.

I love how the Taiwanese can just sell anything for others to eat.
Case in point: fried Oreo wtf

Lookout for this store at the entrance that isn’t facing the temple.
It’s the bf’s favourite stall there because he loves baked potato. Everytime we go to Raohe, he has to have this or else I will never hear the end of it lol.
We ended up ordering a portion each to prevent any unwanted stealings haha.

Taiwan sausages! Here’s the bf peeling the garlic available at the store to eat with the sausages.

I really didn’t fancy the idea of eating garlic raw and he called me a ‘tourist’. What, I really am no? :P
Anyway, the Aboriginals are famous for making such sausages and they are easily available at all night markets so not to worry.
Now this is my favourite smelly tofu store. I never go anywhere else to eat it because it just tastes weird to me i.e. not well fried, cabbage not nice, sauce not nice etc.
This store makes the nicest smelly tofu ever!

I cannot remember what it was called but do try and look for it. It is located in the middle section so don’t just settle for any stall that sells smelly tofu. The bf and I have tested literally all the stalls there selling smelly tofu and this particular store gets our stamp of approval! :D

When you enter from the entrance at the temple side, this would be the first store greeting you with the queue – pepper bun (?) or 胡椒餅 in Chinese.

Whoa…. Caucasian is making the dough! Impressive (Y)

I quite like the buns from this store, the meat is very generous in the bun but the dough this time around wasn’t as nice as I remembered. The exterior was slightly tough due to it being overcooked. Nevertheless, do give this a try if you are at Raohe.

Raohe Night Market also has plenty of stalls selling other things from clothing to socks to undergarments (I buy those bras to wear at home haaha ok TMI oops) to toiletries and what not. I bought a pair of Converse shoes there actually haha and like 2 tops in one of the clothing stores. Pretty decent pricing so not to worry about it being exorbitantly overpriced or something.

Well, if you decide to go to Wu Fen Pu for some shopping or you’re getting off at Songshan Railway Station (they renovated this into a nice place fyi~), do pop by Raohe Night Market. I highly recommend this place for you to soak in the whole night market atmosphere.