Eye Products from Sephora

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Hi everyone! I’m here to share a few eye products I picked out from Sephora, a small mini haul if you want to term this because it contains just 3 products:

  1. IT Cosmetics Brow Power Super Skinny in Universal Dark Brown, SGD 42.00
  2. theBalm Put A Lid On It, SGD 35.90
  3. Tarteist™ PRO Amazonian Clay Palette, SGD 82.00

First up is this Brow Power Super Skinny brow pencil from IT Cosmetics. To be honest I carted it out because the reviews online were comparing this to the infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer (which I own and absolutely love! Gonna be very gutted when it runs out one day T__T) and saying that this is the cheaper alternative to the ABH one so I was curious if this will be an alternative to the ABH since ABH is not available in Singapore yet.

It is double-ended with the pencil on one end and spoolie on the other to brush your brows. While I like the convenience of such double-ended items, I had a hard time trying to hold on to this eyebrow pencil because it was REALLY skinny so it took awhile to find a nice comfortable grip to fill in my brows.

Selected the Universal Dark Brown shade and I think it matched fairly well with my darker hair colour so it should go well for Asians! The nib is really skinny and fine as described so you can fill in your brows with small strokes like how I did although it took me much longer than I normally do my brows with the ABH Brow Definer.

Picked the Put A Lid On It eyelid primer from theBalm because I’m a huge fan of theBalm’s products – I think I own at least 95% of their makeup palettes with the exception of those released this year – and I was tempted to see how this fared against the UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion which mine has expired cos it’s darn bloody old liao lol. Anyway, just a quick note, don’t you love how quirky theBalm’s packaging is always done? I think I’m always drawn to their products because of the packaging 99% of the time :D

The eyelid primer comes in a tube form and in a nudish-tone liquid. Texture-wise it is slightly less viscous than the UD one and feels as if it contains more oil in it but nevertheless it didn’t feel oily nor cake my eyeshadow when I used it underneath eyeshadow. To be honest I felt that it performed very similarly in terms of lasting power to the UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion just that this comes in 1 shade compared to UD but I do have to point out that if you do not like the silicone-feel of the UD primer than you should try out theBalm’s!

Last item is this newly released Tarteist™ PRO Amazonian Clay Palette by tarte! I was really excited to play with this beauty here because the colours in this palette is really to die for plus black and gold packaging just screams ‘LUXE’ everywhere.

Includes a huge mirror in the palette which I love!

Before I dug into and ruined the nice embossing over each individual matte eyeshadow

Comes with an instruction leaflet using the colours in the palette to create 4 different eye looks, very handy if you get too overwhelmed with eyeshadows and don’t know where to start.

I swatched the palette across each individual row from left to right here, no primer used:

My first impressions were really bad though for the darker matte eyeshadows because it was soooooo powdery and dry but the lighter shades fared pretty decently. At the end of the swatching, the entire palette was covered in eyeshadow power which made cleaning up a mess lol. However, the redeeming factor of this eyeshadow palette are the metallic shades. They blended sooooo smoothly like butter and there was no fall out after applying onto my arm.

Oh and I really liked how the rows actually come together to complement each other i.e. you can use shadows in the same row for an eye look if you lack ideas on how to create eyeshadow looks so this a major plus as well!

Simple eye look using profesh over the entire lid, chic in the outer v and crease and ethereal slightly higher than my eyeliner to give it extra bling. I paired theBalm’s Put A Lid On It below the eyeshadows and somehow it managed to contain the fall out from the matte shades although I did have to tap my brush much more often to remove excess eyeshadow before applying onto my eyelids. Brows were also done with the IT Cosmetics brow pencil and I think it made my brows look pretty natural although the grip is something I have to get used to while applying it lol.

Ok so that’s it for my small eye product haul from Sephora. Do remember to shop your favourite eye products here!

*Disclaimer: Special thanks to Sephora SG for providing me with all the products reviewed but all opinions in this entry remain fully and 100% mine.

Sephora Members 20% off Haul

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The Sephora outlet at ION Orchard was hideously cramped last Saturday with ladies holding baskets full of makeup products and some bored boyfriends who probably got dragged to the store to squeeze with everyone else just so their female friends/partners could get a good deal from the 20% discount off all items for 4 long days.
This sale came at the right moment. I went the following day after payday and I asked Sephora to just ‘take all my money naooooooooooo!’ lol. But I am thankful for the 20% off Sephora Singapore.
So without further ado, here is my haul which I admit is very reserved given my ability to just buy things without considering the consequences haha.
Here’s what I bought (prices are normal retail pricing at Sephora Singapore):
  1. Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush 214 Promiscuous, $55.00
  2. Lancome Lip Lover 355 Framboise Etoile, $40.00
  3. Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick 301 Magnolia Organza, $50.00
  4. Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Air Sensation 05 Soft White, $89.00
The first item I picked up was this Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 214 Promiscuous. I have been dying to get my hands on a Marc Jacobs product ever since it launched at our Sephora stores in April this year but I held back because of the price. But the blushes from this range are just so smooth and creamy – totally my kinda thing!
Because I asked a friend who is now in the US to pick up 2 other colours for me, I decided to go with 214 Promiscuous because it was the colour that caught my eye from the display.
The blush comes in a sleek black compact with ‘Marc Jacobs’ printed and the clasp is quite sturdy – just press lightly and the compact will open.
It also comes with a cloth cover and a brush which both feels very cheap to me – not good MJ given that I had to pay $55 for it -.-“
Thankfully colour pay-off is awesome so I forgive you Mr Jacobs lol. Take a look at the hand swatches here. The colour is very pigmented, pink with shimmer. You can definitely build up the colour slowly with your brush, just remember, it’s called a Shameless Bold Blush for a reason – it will make you seem ‘shameless’ for attracting so much attention with your bold blush xD
Heavy swatch (L) Light swatch (R)
I have yet to try this on my face but you can see why I fell in love with the colour at Sephora – pinky blushes are my vices! I will try and post a review entry together with the other Marc Jacobs items my friend will be bringing back from the US for me. Stay tuned for that!
I chanced upon the small but sufficient Givenchy area in Sephora by accident. It was by sheer accident that I ended up there because I was looking for my friend Jacelyn and I saw the powder compact by accident.
Ended up picking 2 items from the nice and friendly BA from Givenchy.
Givenchy’s Le Rouge Lipstick in Magnolia Organza 301 looked like a bright pinkish red when I saw it in the tube. But upon swatching it at Sephora that day, I couldn’t make up my mind with their 205 Fuchsia Irrésistible and this but Jacelyn persuaded me to go with Magnolia Organza because I had way too many purple lip products in my stash.
This is a one swipe swatch – can you see how opaque the colour is? Totally convinced that I didn’t waste my money lol. We shall see how it fair against my dry lips ugh. I wish there was a way to do away with dry and flaky lips :/
Givenchy’s Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation in Soft White 05 was the second item I brought home with me from the brand.
Now this, has been appearing non-stop all over my Instagram feed. I was intrigued naturally! So since I was there at the Givenchy area, why not test this out? OH MAN, when the BA tried the product on my face, I was instantly sold!
It comes in a quartet of powders and the idea is to flip the entire container upside down pressing onto the puff, get the colour and then imprint the Givenchy logos all over before blending/smoothing the product.
Eh, I apologise for the crap lighting while taking these pictures first okay? Anyway, here’s the instructions from the box.
Comes with a seal which you have to discard upon opening it
Picking up the product with the puff
So you’ll get 4 different colours of powder aimed to correct your skin tone as well as provide the coverage that you need. The BA matched me to 05 Soft White even though I wanted to try the pastel coloured ones.
Print the Givenchy logos (damn cool haha!)
And then pat with the puff to smoothen it.
I used the powder as a setting and touch-up powder and I love the instant glow it gave my face.
My only grouse was that I disliked how the puff got dirtied by my liquid foundation and it was just a turn off for me. I gave in to my OCD and washed the puff that very night because of how grimy it was.
So I wish there was a better way to apply this – maybe I should really use a quick setting foundation or wait longer before patting the powder over my face.
(cr to Lancome’s official website)
Now for the final product I picked up at the sale, it is Lancome’s Lip Lover in 355 Framboise Etoile. I apologise once again for shit pictures. I couldn’t capture the actual product without it turning into a reflective mess and had to just use the picture from the official website.
Nevertheless, here is the hand swatch of the product.
355 Framboise Etoile is described as a berry pink shade and the line of Lip Lovers from Lancome  is supposed to be “An intense lip color that hydrates and gives lips dewy, non-sticky shine.
Well, I haven’t tried it on my lips yet but this colour is really intense. In fact, all the colours from the line are very intense! I had a hard time trying to get the swatches off at Sephora that day.
The formula is non-sticky, it had very smooth application and the applicator is akin to a doe-foot applicator but instead of it being rounded, it has 2 flat surfaces.
I liked how the top part of the Lip Lover has a click mechanism with the bottom half to give users a secure lip product. Very innovative I must add, so thumbs up for you Lancome! :D
Alright, that’s all for my Sephora haul. I am going to the TANGS 12% rebate sale tomorrow hehe and I just received a box full of NARS products from the US.
Maybe I will do haul posts for those when I have the time, so till then, thanks for reading! :)

Sephora Haul!

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I’ve been a really happy girl last week because I bought stuff from Sephora!
Now I want to say that I don’t shop at Singapore’s Sephora that much because it’s way too expensive in my opinion.
Unless I know for sure that I cannot get the stuff online (cos the website accepts only US credit cards or it is OOS etc blah blah) only then will I buy it locally.
The rest of my makeup comes from overseas!
Sum-pah! LOL.
So last month was my birthday month and Sephora gives a free palette and a one-time purchase to get double points on your membership card.
Now I really wanted the free gift but not so much the points because I hardly shop at Sephora Singapore.
My wallet officially hates you Too Faced, yes you.
2 purchases in a span of 5 days!
So here’s all the things from my tiny haul from Sephora
First up, Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover $17!
When I saw this I was like… do I really need this?
So I opened the lid and I was like “I wanna try this!”
I caved in last minute while I was paying for my stuff at the counter.
Additional 10% off Sephora in house brand due to National Day!
I don’t think you can see from the picture but the black thing is basically a sponge thingy flooded with nail polish remover!
You dip your finger in then just pull it out to remove all your polish!
Don’t really know whether it works because I haven’t tried it yet but it was shit cool enough for me to buy it just to try it lol.
So easy to earn my money >_<
Next item… Parallel Worlds Makeup Collection by NYX $39
It’s a movie tie-in for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones that is showing soon in Singapore cinemas!
Don’t think it’ll open in time for me to watch before I fly off to Europe booooooo :'(
I had a pair of tickets for free from Sephora for buying this set.
Whilst stocks last everyone!
IMG_9483 IMG_9485 IMG_9484
IMG_9486 IMG_9488
A free look book is given! Nice.
IMG_9487 IMG_9489
What you get:
  1. Look Book
  2. Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul
  3. Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere
  4. Boudoir Mascara Collection in Le Frou Frou
  5. Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black
  6. Powder Blush in Pinched
  7. Smokey Eye Shadow Palette
Pretty good deal for $39 right?
That was what I thought so I caved in. Plus I hadn’t tried NYX before even though I want to because it’s so darn expensive here in Singapore!
One day when I go to US… One day…
Swatches and first impressions below!
Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul
I really love the colour! Feels so natural and good for an everyday look.
Texture seems good when I swatched it.
Will try more from this range if it doesn’t dry out on my lips hehe ^^
Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere
When people raved about the Jumbo Eye Pencils from NYX, they weren’t wrong!
I will wait till the day I go to the US to stock up D:
Colour was a pale champagne gold colour!
Can be used all over your lid for a one colour eye look in my opinion.
Boudoir Mascara Collection in Le Frou Frou
The bristles felt very stiff and all but it should be a very good mascara overall (I hope!).
I hope it doesn’t turn my lashes into cockroach feelers T.T
Loving the CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara in Very Black that I’m using now.
Maybe I’ll stock up when the website has a sale again heheheh!
Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black
Don’t really like this. I know for sure I’m not gonna use this for sure because the tip is just so flimsy and thin!
It’s just my personal preference I suppose because I really like my liquid liners’ brush/tip to be thicker.
Took me awhile to scrawl the ‘Hi’ out lol because it was too thin.
Powder Blush in Pinched
Pretty coral pink colour with small specks of gold glitter!
I know I’ll love this! I’m just a sucker for anything pink/coral and blush is my absolute weakness.
Ok, eyeshadow too but I use more of my blushes la hahahahaha!
But this is a very natural colour and I think most if not all skin colours can pull this off!
Smokey Eye Shadow Palette
Sorry for the sucky swatches.
I couldn’t get the correct colour to show up because of lighting but my thoughts are…. very chalky :(
The colours do look gorgeous in the pan though! Pity they were soooooooo chalky.
Overall I think this is a good set if you’re like me and haven’t tried NYX before.
Else skip it and stick to NYX must haves like their Jumbo Eye Pencils and powder blushes and lip products.
I’ve never really heard any beauty gurus rave about their eyeshadows. Now I know why :x
Final item I bought with money: Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty Palette $75
IMG_9480 IMG_9481 IMG_9482
Now I really love Too Faced’s eyeshadow palettes!
They make it so darn pretty and this one is no exception!
Love that they added in a matte bronzer, a shimmery bronzer, a blush and small powder brush!
The Too Faced Shadow Insurance is one of my favourite eyeshadow primers.
I have like… 3 tubes FML still waiting for me to use them lol.
This set comes with a look book as well to show you how you can use the products inside if you’re a noobie like me!
IMG_9511 IMG_9512
It’s a really nice metal palette… kinda like those old school pencil boxes that had a magnetic flap.
All products swatched according to how they are arranged in the palette!
IMG_9513 IMG_9517
IMG_9518 IMG_9515
I love the colour pay-off of the eyeshadows! Sooooooooooo goooood! (Y)
And that 2-colour bronzer is just… to die for please!
Buy it everyone! I hope it’s not sold out yet lol.
Overall, I think it’s a good palette if you wanna try out Too Faced products plus it’s a collector’s item!
So yay to limited edition stuff :D
I just get a huge thrill in acquiring such items even though it kills me everytime something gets sold out so quickly (ahem, M.A.C I’m talking about you -.-“)
Pleasant surprise for my trip to Sephora after such a long time! (my last trip to Sephora and actually buying something was like… Dec 2011)
And finally the item I went into Sephora for: Sephora Mini Makeup Palette Gift Bag!
IMG_9519 IMG_9521 IMG_9520 IMG_9522
Not bad for a freebie! I like free makeup heheheheh.
I asked the bf to collect it for me and they wanted to give him some men facial wash (wtf no way!) but luckily he asked them to give him this instead.
Dear Sephora Singapore, don’t anyhow change your free gift leh /judging you/
But anyways do sign up for Sephora’s membership if you haven’t! It’s freeeeeeeee and you can collect points!
So till the next haul (I have another huge drugstore one! Wanna see?), bye!