Korea Travelogue: Day 2 BTS Concert Epilogue

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Wohoo okay kicking off Day 2 in Korea with microwaveable SPAM Fried Rice in our hotel room for breakfast. Bought this from Lotte Mart beside our hotel the night before.
Tastes pretty normal in my opinion so no need to go around South Korea searching to lug this back okay! HAHAHAHA.
New coffee flavoured milk from Binggurae~ Although it did nothing to wake me up lol #caffeineaddict
So we had planned to go for BTS’ concert in Seoul that day. Here’s the thing – the concert was a last minute change to our itinerary and it coincided with our stay in Songdo but since the girls really wanted to go for the concert we made sure each of us managed to secure a ticket before scrapping our plans for Day 2 in Songdo. By the way, we were all seated away from each other because the system only allows 1 ticket per transaction during pre-booking for official fan club members.
Oh and we planned to wear this BTS shirt because we thought many people will do so at the concert but nope, everyone wore normal clothes and we were the only ones standing out by declaring we are ARMYs HAHAHAH! Somehow the practice to wear idol related clothings only applies to SEA countries I feel.
Alright so after 2.5 hours via subway, we finally made it to Olympic Park! So. many. people OMG! And their fan support is really (Y)(Y)
Headed straight to the merchandise stand to purchase the merchandise we wanted and after that we had to collect our tickets at the Interpark tentage beside it.
First K-pop concert experience in Seoul :D
Love how the concert venue has so much more photo taking opportunities than in Singapore lol. We were spamming photos non-stop for close to an hour!
Had to go to another place to find a restaurant to tabao food because the stores at Olympic Park had snaking long queues. My suggestion is that you either prepare food ahead of the concert or do what we did i.e. allocate enough time to go elsewhere less crowded to buy food. Also, the toilet queues were so darn long! Please relieve yourself elsewhere before coming to the venue.
Concert started on the dot. The atmosphere was so amazing because Korean fans are so passionate! They knew every single fan chant and it was so loud and in sync. Dunno what sorcery also lol.
Oh and we are not allowed to take any videos and pictures at all during the concert, even with a mobile phone camera it is forbidden. The organisers are very strict about this and I’ve seen the staff shouting at people to not take pictures and stomp up to them to delete the pictures on the spot. I only managed to take the above pictures stealthily using my iPhone 6 so I was very lucky not to get caught! Do this at your own risk really because they may get you to leave the concert hall if you don’t cooperate by deleting the pictures.
Anyway we made it back to Songdo way past dinner time after the concert because we had to drop by the bus terminal in Incheon to purchase the tickets to Jeonju. Please be a little kiasu and buy the bus tickets before your actual departure if possible because you never know if the buses are full due to whatever festive holiday or whatever.
Tabao-ed Kyochon Chicken and bought some cup noodles back to our hotel before turning it for the night! The next day we managed to complete all the activities in Songdo as planned before heading off to Jeonju so stayed tuned for that :D

Korea Travelogue: Day 15 – Isaac Toast and Namsan Tower

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I am majorly excited as I type this because it means I’ve finally finished the entire Korea travelogue series for my last trip! :D

So let’s continue with it for the final day that we had in Seoul. Breakfast at Residence EO (guesthouse) is pretty mundane, just plain toast with strawberry jam so we decided to have toast from Isaac Toast & Coffee instead.

Isaac Toast & Coffee is a chain store providing toast (duh!) and conveniently, right outside Residence EO there was an outlet! Note that this outlet is not open the entire day (some outlets are – the one in Jeju was open till night) so do come in the morning if you’d like to try their toast.




Very extensive toast menu


Translated menu for tourists


Breakfast was extremely yummy (and sinful) hence it was a good start to our morning! We actually tapao-ed the toast back to our rooms to have it before heading off to Namsan Tower. We were actually staying on the side of Myeongdong that can access Namsan Tower directly. It’s a horrible climb all the way up to the cable car station hence we gave up on the idea because it was too tiring! Decided to be really lazy and called for a cab up to the foot of Namsan Tower and do the short walk up to the tower like what I did in 2013.

Karma was a bitch because we were fated to just climb up and lose all the weight we put on in Korea – the taxi driver got lost and dropped us off literally at the foot of the hiking trail up to the top of the mountain where the tower is T_____T

So climb we did and promptly realised how unfit we were hahahaha!


View of central Seoul


At the rest stop halfway up the stairway to Namsan Tower


We actually reached the foot of Namsan Tower after a good 30 minute walk up from the foot of the mountain. Really FOL please lol but it’s really an experience because we have decided to never return here, at least not in the near future. Reason why we came was because Wanjun had yet to visit Namsan Tower before so we decided to accompany her there.


Korea Travelogue: Day 14 – Seoga & Cook, Bau House and BBQ Chicken

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Day 14 Itinerary (Part 2)

I’m really on a roll lolol to finish up all the entries. JIAYOU PAULA! Right so we left off the last entry with NIT Coffee. If you realised then, we didn’t really have a proper meal the entire day save for breakfast at the guesthouse and the tteokbokki that we shared so by then we were kinda craving for a full meal. Made our way to Hongdae to meet our dance instructor for dinner. Yes, our dance instructor is from Korea and his classes are all very hard T____T

He chose this restaurant Seoga & Cook and I guess it’s quite popular with the locals because it was full house despite having more than 3 levels of eating space when we reached. Had to wait close to an hour before we were seated, luckily there is a waiting room next to the entrance of the restaurant for people to wait so we weren’t entirely out in the cold lol.

Turns out the place specialises in western fare like pasta and steak and they tasted pretty awesome! I can understand why there was a queue now haha.

There are quite a few outlets of this chain so you can Google to find out whether there is one near you. We were at the second outlet in Hongdae 서가앤쿡 홍대2호점. Address for reference: 서울 마포구 창전동 6-133.


Went for drinks at a cafe (what’s new lol) to just chill and catch-up with each other. He brought along another of our dance instructors so it was pretty fun! We actually brought them some bak kwa and milo as gifts because they stayed in Singapore for some time back in 2013 so hopefully these will remind them of the wonderful times in Singapore. Thanks for the treat 쌤~ See you again in Korea next year hehe.


We then left to our final destination of the day, a dog cafe near Hapjeong Station called Bau House. It was mainly the bad experience that we had in the Busan dog cafe that prompted us to want to go to another dog cafe. The bff and Stella also highly recommended this dog cafe instead as they’ve visited it on their previous trip to Seoul.



Take the metro to Hapjeong Station Exit 3. You will see the BBQ chicken restaurant belonging to Infinite’s Sungyeol once you’ve emerged onto the main road right behind you. Go past the restaurant and turn left into the road. You will spot a black building with Bau House on the first floor. ALternatively, you can choose to take Exit 4 at Hapjeong Station and walk straight until you reach the BBQ restaurant then turn right into the same road.

Address for reference: 서울특별시 마포구 서교동 394-44 제일빌딩 후면 1층