Korea Travelogue: Day 4 Jeonju Hanok Village

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Started our one and only fully day in Jeonju with…. an endless downpour WTF. It was such a downer for us because we were planning on renting hanboks to wear around the Hanok Village but the rain didn’t want to stop so there was no chance for us to drag the hanboks on the wet floor la then we had to scrape the idea T___T

Ok but first of, breakfast! :D #foodisalwaysimpt

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Made use of the empty cafe to take some pictures xD #eyelinerisonpoint And yes we were all in sweaters because it was so darn cold that entire day.


Headed off for Nambu Market for the famous bean sprout rice soup at a tiny store called 현대옥 (pronounced as ‘hyun dae ok’)- it was in such an obscure corner of the market that we kept turning in circles trying to locate it lol!





The bean sprout rice bowl or  콩나물국밥 as it is known locally was so good! The soup was very flavourful and the tau geh had no smell so it wasn’t overpowering like our local tau geh. Perfect for the cold weather that we had that day so maybe that made it extra yummy. The owner was so surprised to see us there because this store is only known to the Koreans and they hardly got any tourists/foreigners coming to their store. He asked how we came to know about their store and I told them we found them through the internet LOL!

Oh and for the egg that comes with the rice soup, the local way to consume it is to pour the rice soup’s broth into the egg and mix it. Then just eat it down :D

The ahjumma saw us not touching the egg because we were too focused on the soup so she did the mixing for us hahaha! That was really a very unique way of eating the egg though.


Korea Travelogue: Day 3 Incheon to Jeonju & Becky’s Art Space

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Wokays so since I have time to kill I shall blog about how we travelled from Incheon to Jeonju via the express intercity bus services :)


Like I mentioned in my previous post, we bought the bus tickets the night before (cos y’know kiasu Singaporeans LOL) but the bus was very empty! Took a Samhwa bus this time round and was pleasantly surprised by how high tech the bus is.


You’ll have to scan the QR code upon entering and the screen will automatically show that you’ve boarded the bus – super cool right LOL


Some kimbap to munch on the way to Jeonju because it was a 3 hour plus journey to Jeonju. Actually we just wanted to have Yoo Jung-sunbae la >_<

Arrived at Jeonju bus terminal at around 7pm and then bought our bus tickets for Gwangju in 2 days. Yes, we were that kiasu HAHAHAH! Flagged a cab to the Hanok Village then to our guesthouse in Jeonju – Becky’s Art Space.


전주시 완산구 경원동2가 40-35번지 (어진길94-6)


Discovered this guesthouse through a fellow Singaporean’s blog so when the girls and I read her review we decided to give it a go and book our stay there for 2 nights in Jeonju.