Korea Travelogue: Day 7 – Infinite Dongwoo’s Family Restaurant

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Annyeong! This is the bff here. I will be writing a guest entry for Paula because she is super overwhelmed by the 5-months-overdued Korea travelogue that she now has to complete before our Japan trip she invited me to (LOL). And since I am a bigger fan of Infinite’s Dongwoo than her (but Hoya is still my bias. #yadongOTPftw), I shall help her share about our experience at Infinite Dongwoo’s family restaurant, which is located pretty far from Seoul – it is all the way at Gyeonggi-do already and it will probably take about 1.5 hours to get there from Seoul. However, as we were visiting Nami Island that day, we made it a point to make a detour to the restaurant since we were already travelling to that area.


인창쭈꾸미 Inchang Jjukkumi (Dongwoo’s family restaurant)
Address: 경기도 구리시 인창동 671-1
Contact: 031-551-7004
Take the subway Jungang Line to Guri Station. Get out of the station from Exit 3, turn right and walk straight. You should see a 119 station (aka a rescue centre, Korea’s equivalent of SCDF)  on your left as you reach the first junction. Next, you need to get diagonally across the junction, so you can cross towards the 119, turn right and cross again. Walk straight down again and turn left at the next (small) road you see and then turn right at the end of the road. The restaurant is along the shops on your right (the last one if I recall correctly).


Ta-da! Here’s how the front of the restaurant looks like. Just look out for Infinite and Dongwoo’s faces on the shop front!






As expected, the restaurant is filled with Dongwoo and Infinite’s posters, photos, fanarts, fangifts and many more! Are they selling octopus or Dongwoo? kekeke.