Korea Travelogue: Day 3 Songdo Central Park & Haedoji Park

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Day 3 Itinerary

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(cr to Incheon Convention Visitors’ Bureau)

I’m gonna insert a map of Songdo here because this is pretty much the ONLY map I have of Songdo and this was what we used to plan our day’s activities in Songdo.


Kicked off our final day in Songdo early in the morning with kayaking in Central Park. The bff and I went to rent a clear bottom kayak from the counter and you just have to pay up front, put on the life vests and get into the kayak. The staff will also provide you with ziplock bags to put in your belongings to prevent them from getting wet which I thought was a nice touch.


The entire duration to kayak was for 50 mins and we got bored after awhile because the area to kayak was quite small. You can choose to kayak all the way up to Rabbit island where it is just a tiny piece of land with TONS of rabbits on it. This is visible from the park but the only way to get all the way up close is by kayaking.


After that we left to meet Stella for brunch at Cafe Leemans which is located along the stretch of shops you’ll pass by walking towards NC Cube from Central Park. Just remeber to keep an eye out for this cafe! (more…)

Korea Travelogue: Day 1 Songdo NC Cube

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Day 1 Itinerary

Wohoo! Alright let’s kick start this new travelogue series because it’s gonna be EXTREMELY long – 16 days worth of travelling within South Korea so you’ve been warned ;)


Took Singapore Airlines to Incheon this time and can I say how awesome is it to fly on your national carrier ^^

We booked our air tickets 9 months in advance so managed to snag them at close to SGD700/pax for travel during May.


Landed at Incheon Airport in the late afternoon so first stop was to get our airport limousine bus tickets to Songdo. Had to wait for the next bus which was arriving in about 40 minutes so we headed to the convenience store to buy some triangle kimbap (sam gak kim bap) and water. And LINE Friends is everywhere *points above*

By the way, we bought EG Sim data cards at Changi Airport because we were too lazy to book ahead on their website to collect in Korea. Sadly, Stella’s sim card didn’t work throughout the entire trip despite resetting her phone and seeking help from their facebook page so I would suggest that you try renting a mobile wifi device if your budget allows it!



Hand itchy because I bought this LINE Friends T-money card even though I am still using my old Rilakkuma T-money from 2011. Too cute to resist :D


We are finally back in Korea :D


Took KAL airport limousine 6707B (KRW 7,000/pax) to Songdo which took us about 30-40 minutes as our hotel was the last stop before it U-turns back to Incheon Airport. Checked-in at our hotel (review) and then headed off straight towards NC Cube because it was already approaching dinner time.


Checked out the boat house at Central Park which is located directly opposite our hotel. Songdo got really famous because of the Song triplets from ‘The Return of Superman’ and Central Park was actually featured quite regularly on this programme thanks to the triplets. Actually we made sure to stay in Songdo because of this reason too xD


Korea Travelogue: Oakwood Premier Incheon Review

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Hey everyone! Just a short review on the hotel Oakwood Premier Incheon that we picked for our 2 night stay at Songdo, Incheon.

Songdo has been touted as a “new smart city” so there are practically no guesthouses/AirBnbs available here and only business hotels to cater to the business visitors in the Songdo area so prices are definitely on the high side.

We selected Oakwood based on the fact that it is directly opposite Central Park and it had a Lotte Hypermart next to it (LOL!), making it a very centralised location for us to do all the activities in Songdo which will be covered in a separate entry entirely.



There is a direct airport bus that drops you off at the doorstep to the hotel from Incheon Airport so you don’t have to worry about taking the subway from the airport – now that would be hell because the subway entrance is quite a distance away (~5-8 mins on foot) from the hotel and dragging my luggage on the pavement tirelessly is not the best way to start my holiday.


Here’s a look at our Superior Twin room with extra bed – we booked from Agoda by the way!


Kitchen area that is equipped with cooking area, refrigerator, microwave and even a washing machine for you to do your laundry


Bathroom comes with a bath tub and separate shower area


The room is very spacious as well! The extra bed was placed next to the other 2 beds and we also had a small sofa corner with table in which I dumped all my personal belongings on it because the vanity area was taken up by the rest.


View from our room overlooks Central Park Songdo


Songdo is currently undergoing a lot of construction to build more buildings – you can see plenty of vast empty areas where the land is probably slated to have a condominium/premium apartment built on it.

And that’s it! I have to say that this hotel is very accessible if you just want to explore the Songdo/Incheon vicinity although I would have preferred the subway to be closer to it but hey, 5-8 minutes on foot is alright by me. Plus Central Park is just opposite the hotel and food is easily available at the stretch of cafes/restaurants diagonally across the hotel. If all else fails, you can always hop by Lotte Mart next door and buy some groceries back to cook in your room :)