Korea Travelogue: Day 9 – Infinite Forest/Yeouido Hangang Park

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Hi, I’m finally back from Tokyo and back to finishing up my Korea travelogue entries lol. It’s just such terrible timing that South Korea has been hit by MERS but you can still KIV these places to visit in the future :/

Anyway moving on from the last entry, it was our last day staying at Travellers Planet so we all had some “errands” to run – Jace slept in, Stella went to find the Shinhwa Forest while the rest of us headed to Hangang to find the Infinite Forest. But not before trying out TP’s dish for the week – tteokguk!


TP cooks a Korean dish every Sunday for the guests’ breakfast and it was tteokguk that day, possibly because it was the first Sunday of the year and Koreans traditionally cook this dish for new year.  I’ve never tried tteokguk prior to this and it was pretty yum. Gonna try and make some on my own because when I looked up the recipe it seemed quite easy and idiot-proof lol.

3 of us made our way to Hangang which is at Yeouido. It was freezing cold and there was no one there obviously. It was my first time at Hangang and we had originally included the Banpo Bridge/Hangang night view as part of the trip’s itinerary but the rainbow fountain show doesn’t show in winter hence we skipped it. Thankfully we decided to search for the Infinite Forest which happened to be located by the Han River/Hangang.

Upon stepping into this “park”, you’ll see a huge patch of empty land filled with branches trees lol. Turns out those trees were planted in the name of their idols by fans – pretty smart move by whoever owns the park I would say to beautify the park for free – and as it was winter time, the trees were nothing but twigs and branches. Fans decorated the trees with ribbons and ornaments to make the trees look more nicer I guess lol.



Take the metro to National Assembly Station and come out at Exit 1. Walk all the way straight and cross into park.


First up would be the Girls’ Generation forest as you enter the park.




I obviously zoomed in to my favourite member Yoona’s tree :D It was a pretty funny sight cos 3 of us were taking pictures of branches non-stop, some passerbys who were there gave us very weird looks. Oops.


Korea Travelogue: Day 5 – SMTOWN at Coex Mall and Countdown to 2015

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Continuing from the previous post, the group of us went to the SMTOWN area which is outside of Coex Mall. You can see the big SMTOWN sign when you exit from the metro station. Just go up the escalator and it is pretty self-explanatory.




Our first stop was the SUM store which is a moneysucking store selling all SMTOWN related merchandise. Be very prepared to spend a ton of money here if you are a huge fan of idol groups from SMTOWN.



Hello Donghae oppa!! *waves*


Everything you can think of, it is available here. From clothing, stickers, stationery sets, mugs and even paper bags with SMTOWN related wordings are available. We kinda had to control ourselves by not grabbing everything off the shelves.