Milkcow Singapore

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New ice cream parlour in towwwwwwn! Oh gosh the amount of froyo/soft serve joints appearing in Singapore is really overwhelming >_< #fatdieusall

Anyway the bff and I happened to pass by The Cathay last week and we decided to go try Milkcow Singapore which serves soft serve ice cream with tons of toppings to choose from. This brand is from Korea and you can see their advertisments featuring Lee Jong Suk playing on the screens at the counter. Now I’ve had my fair share of soft serve in Korea so I was really excited to try the taste of it, that creamy and milky goodness is really difficult to control and not many places can achieve a balanced taste of milk soft serve. I still salivate at the memory of eating my milk soft serve in Busan last winter so hopefully this one in Singapore will satisfy my cravings for it.


Located at Level 1 of The Cathay, just turn left upon entering from the main entrance of the mall and you’ll see the store.

It does provide tables and chairs for their patrons which I like although the space is not very big so try to go at non-peak hours to secure a table and seat. We managed to snag a place because it was before dinner hour so people probably weren’t looking to have ice cream before dinner la lol although I skipped dinner after that because I was too full from non-stop feasting that day.



We ordered an ice cream each – I had the Cookies & Cream (right) while the bff had Milky Honey (left) topped with Kit Kat. The pricings for the toppings are ridiculous!!! $1.50 for 2 bars of Kit Kat homg….. Next time I’ll just bring my own ya #cheapo


I liked the taste of the soft serve though! You can really taste the milk in it and my oreo cookie toppings were very generous. I couldn’t really finish them towards the end lol. Now the honey one was also pretty nice. I disliked the soft serves with honey served at Honey Comb in Bali Lane when we went there a few months back (I kept going yucks the entire time lol and only had like… less than 5 mouthfuls -.-” Waste my money sheesh) so when the bff asked if I liked this I was like ‘YESSSSS!’


There are a ton of combinations to choose from so I’m really keen to go back and try the rest actually. Will slowly try them if I’m around the vicinity xD Anyway this place also knows how to make good use of social media to promote themselves! When you enter the store you’ll be greeted by a wall of printouts that people have taken. At first I was quite amazed by it because it seemed like the staff are all damn hardworking to print out pictures to form a picture wall. And then I realised it’s because they had a free printing service at their entrance! We backtracked our steps to stand at the machine to upload pics just to get that printout lol.



Super cute props that you can use while taking your pictures – damn good marketing strategies! LOL

All you have to do is upload the picture to Instagram and hashtag #milkcowsg and wait for your picture to print out automatically. Just make sure your account is set to public!


I uploaded the picture of the 2 ice creams to Instagram and got my printout instantly! Pretty cool because they even had the CNY border to match the festive season.


Alright, that’s all for this entry! Gonna head to bed now because I have church tomorrow. Gonna explore a waffle place tomorrow with the GZBs tomorrow, hopefully it’s awesome enough for me to write an entry about hahah.


Meh! CNY 2015

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 恭喜发财 ^^ Meh the huat be with you in the coming year haha!

2015 being the Year of the Sheep in the Chinese zodiac, there have been a ton of lamb/sheep/goat references everywhere and it’s been super hilarious to read what others have come up.



As per the tradition each year, I will go and queue up for Lim Chee Guan bak kwa. Yes, I am one of those ‘siao lang‘ as what some random old uncle pointed aloud while I was queuing the weekend before CNY. I have to say that their bak kwa or barbecued pork slices are the best and strangely I only indulge in them during the festive period once a year. Store is open all year round but I choose to only have it when it has the longest queues and the most expensively priced in a year.


That Sunday morning I woke up before 7am, dragged myself out of bed to head to the store to queue and bless the bak kwa gods, I was fairly in front and managed to reach the front of the queue after 5.5 hours to purchase all the bak kwa. It’s considered relatively short given that I queued closed to 7 hours the year before. Anyway, people always ask why I bother to go ‘waste time’ queuing up for fats barbecued pork slices. I like to think of it as ‘filial piety’ because my mum wants to gift them to my relatives. So I join her to keep her company while queuing and of course to keep track of orders from relatives and friends alike.


Anyway that look of happiness when someone receives a Lim Chee Guan bak kwa as gift is as good as striking 4D #makesmefeelveryawesome


The first day of Lunar New Year this year came on a Thursday which just spells out ‘long weekend’ to us in the working world. Pretty awesome I would say! Although on the 2nd day I was fairly tired and exhausted from the overeating, humid weather and endless questions from annoying relatives who keep asking me when I’m getting married -.-”



Day 1 went by fairly quickly, cleared the relatives on both parents’ sides by the end of the day! Super fast hahaha. We gambled excessively too! Now this is really the spirit of Chinese New Year in Singapore. Didn’t manage to get as many new outfits as I would have liked (ended up with more bottoms and only 1 new top FML) so you only get to see that one OOTD from me taken hurriedly at the train station lol.


Overslept on Day 2 hence couldn’t open new makeup again D: But I do have shitloads of new stuff to use just that I’m trying my best to use up the older stuff (esp foundations and powders!) before digging into the new makeup items. Had an intimate dinner at my uncle’s house where the father’s side gathered and also to celebrate an aunt’s birthday.


$300++ 盆菜 anyone? This tasted so-so in my opinion but hey it’s $300 over so we finished it up!


Met up with Jace & the bff on the 3rd day of CNY because I wanted to watch Fifty Shades of Grey at the cinema. Had brunch at ION’s The Marmalade Pantry prior to watching the movie. Oh gosh, comfort food after having chinese food consecutively for 4 days straight!





Movie was a little meh in my opinion, almost fell asleep because of the food coma caused by my mac & cheese lol. It was really a day of non-stop eating because after the movie we went to have more food before the bff and I headed to Bugis for me to buy Funko Pops. Alas the store was out of most of the figurines I wanted, so sad :(

Accompanied her to POMO to buy polaroid films before we went to The Cathay to try out a new soft serve joint in town called Milkcow. Will blog about that in a separate entry because this is turning into a post full of food haha!


Finally a semblance of normal life yesterday (Day 4 of CNY) where I went to church with the grandmother and mother. Drove the car because I had to pick the brother up and head to my auntie’s house for another family gathering at lunch. Breakfast was McDonalds as usual and then drove the grandmother back home, picked up the brother and drove home to hand over driving duties to my father lol. Shit it’s mad stressful to be a driver in Singapore I tell you grrrrrrrr.


Went for something casual because the weather was really warm and I was sick of playing dress-up so casual clothes it was. I’m really a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl most of the time anyway and if I could I would go to work in t-shirt, shorts and slippers hahaha!



Played a little with my nieces who are photocopies of my cousin-in-law at my aunt’s place. Won some money while playing cards and then I was home by 3.30pm. Pretty fast 4 days of Chinese New Year. Mad depressed to head back to work today but oh wells, life still has to go on!

Hope everyone had an awesome time during CNY too! I agree that every year feels so routine with all the visiting from house to house but I believe the underlying meaning of family ties for CNY is really important so it was good for me :)

Chock Full of Beans

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Last Sunday I borrowed the car from the dad and got the girls to go to Chock Full of Beans in Changi Village. I’ve been meaning to come here for the longest time and sadly because of the sheer laziness to take public transport there, there weren’t many opportunities where I could take the car and drive there. So when I met the girls for dance class the night before, I asked them to go with me to this cafe since I had the car for the entire day lolol. This totally impromptu trip was dubbed the ‘once in a lifetime’ visit because it’s really inaccessible via public transport and we said that we would probably not return #sadpoorsoulswhohavenocars

Went to the bff’s house to kope all her Korea trip pics then went to pick Wanjun up near KAP. Reached Changi Village in the late afternoon and the public carpark was really full! ARGH! Had to wait almost 20 mins before we could enter the carpark plus get a lot. SHEEEEEESH! But we got a table quite quickly and ordered immediately because we were starvinggggggggg.

Ordered 3 main dishes to share and of course iced lattes because we came all the way here just for the 3D latte art.

By the way, you have to wait 30 mins for the 3D latte art to be ready and this is only applicable for their iced lattes. Hot beverages get the normal 2D latte art. My guess is that the foam would hold up better when cold? LOL clearly not cut out to be a 3D coffee artist >_<


Good Morning New York


Eggs Benedict


Ultimate Swiss Rosti


Verdict? Food was decent, nothing mind-blowing but portions were smaller than expected given that we were paying $18++ per dish. Didn’t help that I couldn’t enjoy my iced coffee because the 30 mins weren’t up yet. Boo. By the time the lattes arrived, we had pretty much cleared the food for a good 15 mins lol #hungrysouls


But I have to say the 3D latte art is just wayyyy too cute!! Totally kawaii haha! (Sorry I’ve been doing research for my upcoming trip to Tokyo in a couple of months so I’m channelling my inner Jap persona HAHAHAHA!)




We ordered the iced hazelnut latte, iced vanilla latte and iced Baileys latte. I cannot speak for the other two but I had the iced hazelnut latte and it was pretty decent and not too overwhelming on the milk side. I’m not too sure if anyone could ask for a specific 3D latte art (we didn’t and the staff didn’t ask us either) but I have seen several interesting and cute creations on Instagram so perhaps you can get inspiration from there and make a request for it when you’re at the cafe on days with lesser crowds.


Poor foams deflated to look like…. mangled up creatures lol after we finished all the drinks! Oh and we kinda took too long to take the pictures of these cute 3D lattes that my latte’s foam was deflating by the time we finished taking every single shot so please take note of it else you get a disfigured 3D art haha!


Sorry for the apparent bare face hehe. I was late for church and only had time to slap on sunblock. SPF is always important yo! But anyway I look quite alright in this pic so I’m gonna post this hahahaha..


Yup, milk a photo op with the cute coffees at every opportunity since we’ll probably not return in the near future because of the distance and inaccessibility.


My lighting sucked really badly so no pics of me with my Melody iced hazelnut latte D:


We went to I12 Katong for churros at a pop-up store because we still had time to kill #fatdieus The churros were meh in my opinion because there was no/not enough cinnamon sugar coated.


Went home afterwards to KO because I was too exhausted from waking up too early and that was how I spent my Sunday last week :D

Gonna go fish out my Korea trip pictures to edit before drafting the entries. We had so much fun this trip I think I may get withdrawals again while writing those entries. Le sigh!