When an old friend is back home

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Hi everyone! Firstly, I wanna wish everyone a happy 2016! Can’t believe that the year flew by so quickly and now we have restarted the year all together.

Haven’t been blogging as diligently as I’d like and every year without fail, one of my new year resolutions would be to blog more because you never know if all these memories will be gone one day.

Anyway, my good friend Carol was back home from Paris after her Tokyo trip (lucky her!) and I took half day off from work to accompany her since it was low peak season what with the factories being all closed and she was free that afternoon.


Headed to Wimbly Lu at Jalan Riang which is a few minutes’ bus ride from Serangoon MRT for brunch. I was actually the first customer for the day because they had just opened only :D

First time at this quaint cafe despite hearing raves about its waffle. I’ve actually been to its neighbour but that was years ago so it was a nice surprise to be back in the vicinity.





Carol came not long after and we were so famished so thankfully the food was served very quickly! Food was decent, nothing to rave in particular but just decently nice food. However their waffles which we shared after our mains, mmmmmmmmm. Delish. I would actually go back for the waffles if I had the car so that’s one place to put on the ‘places to visit when I have the car’ HAHAHA!


Next venue was actually the National Art Gallery of Singapore which Carol wanted to visit. This is probably one of the last places in Singapore where I’d go willingly because such places bore me. And do you know why she wanted to visit? Because the place is so Insta-worthy #camwhores

It was pretty empty due to it being a weekday afternoon so feel free to head there if you’re around the area on a weekday. Anyway, the place offers free admission for Singaporeans and PRs so remember to bring your IC along!






*points above* There were a ton of people taking such shots LOL!


The place really bored me to death HAHAHA #sorryCarol There were hardly any art pieces available and certain places used to be part of the old High Court so there were some areas that looked very down and gaudy. But it was still fun hanging out with Carol taking pics non-stop lol. I was dressed really sloppily that day cos I had woke up late again so it was a rashly put together outfit that wasn’t OOTD-worthy. Ended up being designated photographer for Carol instead, although she got lazy as well to bring out her DSLR wth #thatswhywearegoodfriends




Took this at the top floor which had the restaurants and bar facing Padang. Lovely sight :’)


Brought Carol down to ION Orchard because I wanted to grab some new Dior Spring’16 items that had just arrived then (last week of Dec). It was pretty fun doing makeup shopping together because we do it so often on a daily basis just that through LINE/Instagram and not in person. We always say how lucky it is that we don’t live in the same city else we’d be pretty broke going crazy over all the new makeup releases lol! Anyway, we both went home pretty broke after that but at least we have awesome makeup yo! Hehehe.

Come back more often girl, so we can cafe hop and take more rubbish-y pics together! And piss XZ more often by spamming non-stop. Heh.



So just a shout-out for Carol who is doing a giveaway over at her blog. She’s giving away a copy of her self-designed planner for 2016 aptly titled Bonjour Paris because the city is where her current home is. I am one of the lucky few recipients who was gifted a copy of the Bonjour Paris planner and can I say how adorable her drawings are!?

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world (if you don’t think about all the hobos and dirty roads la lol) so you really take a peek into Carol’s version of Paris through the planner. Think Chanel, pastries and macarons! Oh and the iconic Eiffel Tower of course. Can someone please teleport me back to Paris again T_____T

Anyway, do hop over to her blog here to enter the giveaway! The giveaway ends in 8 days from the day I post this entry so good luck to whoever enters. The giveaway is open internationally :)

(Side note: Carol, can I enter anot ah? HAHAHAHA. But I want an army green version (*coughs* to piss XZ *coughs*)


Picture credits to Carol.

Banana Tree in Singapore

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Hello! I paid a visit to the newly opened Banana Tree café at Keong Saik Road a few weeks back after dance class with the gizibes.

We visited the café in Korea last December (which I’m supposed to blog about in my travelogue series but…. haven’t finished editing my pics because I’m too lazy busy #firstworldpains) near Itaewon so we knew how the Korean counterpart fared. I have to say I’m impressed with the local version of it even before stepping into the café – the area is definitely a whole lot bigger than the one in Korea!



26 Keong Saik Road

Singapore 089133

Nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar/Outram Park






The set-up of the entire place is similar to the Korea one – yellow lighting, wood concept and very homely atmosphere. It’s quite fuss free really in this café, just find a table on your own then grab some menus from the counter and place your order at the counter once ready. Iced water is self-served and complimentary. The café does not charge any service charge so prices are nett as indicated on their menu. Oh oh oh, there’s free wifi too in this café as well!




I was very amused by the cotton candy maker and their counter set-up because when you visit the Korea one, everything is basically hidden and you just sit there to wait for your food and drinks to arrive (you’ll have to compare them to the pictures from the Korea when they are posted then you’ll understand what I mean). I hope my kitchen looks like this in future man – so vibrant and dainty!




We each ordered a drink and 2 desserts to share. The prices are quite reasonable here for the beverages and desserts except for the Oreo Bomb which I felt was a little too pricey.



Our food and drinks came quite fast, probably about a 10-15 minute wait after ordering.


Espresso Flower Paap $6.50


I like the spoons that come with this dessert haha. The Koreans are very detailed in their presentation.


Taste-wise the espresso flavour is not overpowering and I think this tastes a lot nicer here in Singapore than in Korea. The mousse was light and fluffy and we finished this quite quickly. Actually, maybe it tastes nicer because all 3 of us were starving then HAHAHAH!


Oreo Bomb $12


This dessert is basically just crushed and warmed up Oreo cookies, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Looks really simple and nondescript but this is damn addictive and yummy! And I’ve never seen this in the Korean menu when I was there so my guess is this is a new addition to the local menu. We polished this off till the last crumb literally.


Som Som Ice Latte (Banana) $7


Mojito (Green Apple) and Mojito (Passionfruit) $7.50 each


I had the Mojito (Passionfruit) because it was such a blistering day that afternoon. Drink is very refreshing and cool, served in a mason jar so it’s definitely filling. Avoided the Som Som iced latte because I had a very bad experience with it in Korea (tasted really icky in my opinion, the hot pistachio flavoured one) but the bff says her banana iced latte is very nice! I didn’t taste it because I don’t like bananas D:




Opening hours as indicated above so do pay the café a visit if you’re in the vicinity. I quite like the place and I’ll probably head back to try the Red Bean Pot Bing Soo on my next visit because it looks so darn Instagram worthy! Actually everything in that café is Insta-worthy :/

Alright, till the next foodie adventure :D I hope I can edit my Korea trip pics soon cos I’m heading to Japan next month and then it’ll be a whole new set of pictures to edit again. Aye, really first world pains man!

Montana Brew Bar

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Seriously, I think it’s high time I go on a major diet T_____T especially after all that Chinese New Year binging. Anyhow, I had a ‘sundate‘ with the bff and Stella last Sunday to go have waffles at Montana Brew Bar. Now I’ve never heard about this place prior to going there, it was all Stella’s idea because she wanted to find food kakis (actually just a sad excuse for all 3 of us to remain fat >_<) so we made plans to go there and then head for karaoke after that to ensure we do not come out simply just to eat LOL.


Located on Level 1 at POMO, I had expected their space to be larger but it was pretty comparable to the Ya Kun store next door. Nevertheless, it was constantly filled with patrons the entire time we were there so business is definitely brisk – I think it helps that SOTA is just next door and students from the other schools can also pop by for a quick coffee and dessert fix.




It’s a pretty fuss-free café – select what you’d like to have and head to the counter to place your order. Pay for your food and beverages, collect a number tag and wait for the items to be served to you when done. I didn’t try their signature coffee beverages because I was literally melting under the sun on the way to POMO so I opted for an iced beverage instead. The three of us ordered a salad and two savoury waffles to share.


My iced lemon tea was quite nice although a tad too sweet. I tasted the other 2 drinks as well and have to say that I liked the Lemonade best – refreshing without being overly sour!


Now onto the grub! First up, we had the Smoked Salmon Japanese Sesame Salad.


Loved the taste of sesame salad dressing in it! It was very yummy really and the whole concoction of mixing the salad with salmon (couldn’t really taste the smoked flavour) together with cheese and sesame salad dressing was awesome. Portions were fairly generous and we easily finished it among the three of us.


Moving on to the highlight – waffles! Here is the Truffle Mac & Cheese waffle which I was dying to try. Anything with truffle in it, Paula will be there :P


The waffle is stuffed with mac & cheese and it was soooooooo yummy! Crunchy waffle, soft chewy gooey cheesy goodness on the inside. My only grouse was that I could smell the truffle on the waffle but cannot really taste it :/ Oh and the dip that comes with this dish is quite nice although quite watery. Initially I thought it was a salsa sauce but it was really watery and the bff commented that it, I quote ‘taste like fish curry leh’ but it was alright for me.


Final dish was the Southern Fried Chicken Wafflewich which as the name clearly suggests is meant to emulate a sandwich with waffle as the base.


The waffle here is very crispy and lighter in texture compared to the truffle mac & cheese one. While I enjoyed the combination of the chicken together with the waffle, I didn’t really like the taste of the salad slaw. It just tasted funny so I was picking it out from my portion and eating it simply with just the chicken and waffle.


All in all I enjoyed dining at this café because I am always on the hunt for good waffle places and while it was a pity I couldn’t try the coffee, I will definitely go back to try them together with that really yummy sounding matcha waffle and red velvet waffle.