Meh! CNY 2015

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 恭喜发财 ^^ Meh the huat be with you in the coming year haha!

2015 being the Year of the Sheep in the Chinese zodiac, there have been a ton of lamb/sheep/goat references everywhere and it’s been super hilarious to read what others have come up.



As per the tradition each year, I will go and queue up for Lim Chee Guan bak kwa. Yes, I am one of those ‘siao lang‘ as what some random old uncle pointed aloud while I was queuing the weekend before CNY. I have to say that their bak kwa or barbecued pork slices are the best and strangely I only indulge in them during the festive period once a year. Store is open all year round but I choose to only have it when it has the longest queues and the most expensively priced in a year.


That Sunday morning I woke up before 7am, dragged myself out of bed to head to the store to queue and bless the bak kwa gods, I was fairly in front and managed to reach the front of the queue after 5.5 hours to purchase all the bak kwa. It’s considered relatively short given that I queued closed to 7 hours the year before. Anyway, people always ask why I bother to go ‘waste time’ queuing up for fats barbecued pork slices. I like to think of it as ‘filial piety’ because my mum wants to gift them to my relatives. So I join her to keep her company while queuing and of course to keep track of orders from relatives and friends alike.


Anyway that look of happiness when someone receives a Lim Chee Guan bak kwa as gift is as good as striking 4D #makesmefeelveryawesome


The first day of Lunar New Year this year came on a Thursday which just spells out ‘long weekend’ to us in the working world. Pretty awesome I would say! Although on the 2nd day I was fairly tired and exhausted from the overeating, humid weather and endless questions from annoying relatives who keep asking me when I’m getting married -.-”



Day 1 went by fairly quickly, cleared the relatives on both parents’ sides by the end of the day! Super fast hahaha. We gambled excessively too! Now this is really the spirit of Chinese New Year in Singapore. Didn’t manage to get as many new outfits as I would have liked (ended up with more bottoms and only 1 new top FML) so you only get to see that one OOTD from me taken hurriedly at the train station lol.


Overslept on Day 2 hence couldn’t open new makeup again D: But I do have shitloads of new stuff to use just that I’m trying my best to use up the older stuff (esp foundations and powders!) before digging into the new makeup items. Had an intimate dinner at my uncle’s house where the father’s side gathered and also to celebrate an aunt’s birthday.


$300++ 盆菜 anyone? This tasted so-so in my opinion but hey it’s $300 over so we finished it up!


Met up with Jace & the bff on the 3rd day of CNY because I wanted to watch Fifty Shades of Grey at the cinema. Had brunch at ION’s The Marmalade Pantry prior to watching the movie. Oh gosh, comfort food after having chinese food consecutively for 4 days straight!





Movie was a little meh in my opinion, almost fell asleep because of the food coma caused by my mac & cheese lol. It was really a day of non-stop eating because after the movie we went to have more food before the bff and I headed to Bugis for me to buy Funko Pops. Alas the store was out of most of the figurines I wanted, so sad :(

Accompanied her to POMO to buy polaroid films before we went to The Cathay to try out a new soft serve joint in town called Milkcow. Will blog about that in a separate entry because this is turning into a post full of food haha!


Finally a semblance of normal life yesterday (Day 4 of CNY) where I went to church with the grandmother and mother. Drove the car because I had to pick the brother up and head to my auntie’s house for another family gathering at lunch. Breakfast was McDonalds as usual and then drove the grandmother back home, picked up the brother and drove home to hand over driving duties to my father lol. Shit it’s mad stressful to be a driver in Singapore I tell you grrrrrrrr.


Went for something casual because the weather was really warm and I was sick of playing dress-up so casual clothes it was. I’m really a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl most of the time anyway and if I could I would go to work in t-shirt, shorts and slippers hahaha!



Played a little with my nieces who are photocopies of my cousin-in-law at my aunt’s place. Won some money while playing cards and then I was home by 3.30pm. Pretty fast 4 days of Chinese New Year. Mad depressed to head back to work today but oh wells, life still has to go on!

Hope everyone had an awesome time during CNY too! I agree that every year feels so routine with all the visiting from house to house but I believe the underlying meaning of family ties for CNY is really important so it was good for me :)

My 25th Birthday :)

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I thought I’d better do this before July is over HAHAHA! I cannot believe it’ll be August so soon leh wah lau. How did time fly so quickly?!
So…. yeah a few weeks ago I finally turned 25 years old. Quarter of a century and…. OH EM GEEEEEE D:
I am still in denial even now lol.
My birthday celebrations started about 2 days before the actual day in the office.
We had durian cake as per our office norms because we all love the home made durian cake that my colleague bakes :D
Please pardon my bare face lol. It was a horrible day cos we had meetings in the morning and by the time we finished up everything it was lunch time. Hungry die me then lol.
I brought home about another 3 slices and devoured them over the weekend, the start of cake weekend cos I was eating cakes non-stop the entire 3 days!! THE HORROR.
Next day was a Saturday so as usual, headed for dance class haha.
Yup, #motd #makeupmess here with the bare essentials really. Usually I try and apply less stuff on my face when I go for dance lessons because they all go away by the time class ends – makes me look even more cui wtfffff D:
At night went out with the bf’s friends and gang to the airport for 4Fingers.
And erh, they ended up treating me to a matcha lava cake at a cafe in Bedok85 because it was almost midnight then so yeah, actual birthday haha.
I’m sad to say that not many knew it was my birthday the next day (sad truth of life to be honest…) but nevertheless, still happy to have been surrounded by close friends ya esp when the bf is not around.
It was still fun at the cafe, FaceTiming the chao bf who was at the club that night (insert eye daggers).
And this is the birthday cake that I bought for myself HAHAHAHAA
Yup, puking rainbows that whole week – my third rainbow cake in fact.
Doesn’t it look so colourful and yummy!? I swear this store has the best rainbow cake in Singapore!
I first tried Lynda Ann’s rainbow cake through Trevor who bought it near the guys’ Sunday soccer area. Somehow, I tried it and fell in love. LOL! Kept thinking about it and decided to just eff it and order my own cake for my birthday.
I mean what century already right? Why can’t I buy my own cake leh? LOL even though it is quite sad from another point of view but nvm… No bf to buy for me what to do :(
I actually went all the way to Bedok North Ave 3 to get it the day before my birthday and painstakingly took a bus home with it because there was no atm around and the chao cab driver that I flagged down didn’t have a NETS machine in his taxi.
Went to church that Sunday and after that had dim sum brunch with my family and grandmother.
Overordered too much food and couldn’t finish everything lol. So my dad refused to cut the cake at the restaurant so I brought it back to my grandmother’s place after that meal and chilled for awhile before ‘cutting’ it.
With the 2 beloved ladies in my life – grandmother and mother!
I always think that we should be grateful to our mothers on our birthdays because even though it is a happy occasion, she went through hell and contractions to give birth to us. So thank you Mummy for enduring all that shit 25 years ago that day! SARANGHAEYO :D
With le brother and my maid who brought me up as a baby
Group pic together with my cousin here too.
Yay! Noms rainbow cake wohoo
Typically, rainbow cakes just taste like food colourings or have this really synthetic feel in the mouth once consumed. I blogged about this previously how I hated that rainbow cake from Dean & Deluca.
But this, everyone, is just…. awesome. Lynda Ann’s does their cakes with the right amount of cake to give the person the actual ‘Hey, I’m eating a cake!’ feeling than those who bake measly flour portions that when you into it, you’re basically eating air only lol. I hope my descriptions are making sense ah! (Totally not a food blogger clearly…)
Yeah and the cream cheese that accompanies the cake is sugared to the right sweetness and not overwhelming at all.
Basically, just go and try it and you will never find another other rainbow cakes in Singapore that tastes better than theirs!
Ok, enough gushing about rainbow cakes.
Spent the afternoon with the bff, Jace and Stella who came over to use my nail polishes and makeup.
LOL I never envisioned girly bonding time to be as such because…. I basically did manicures for them -.-” and whose birthday was it actually? /raises an eyebrow/
All dolled up and ready to go sing us some karaoke!
Left the house about late afternoon and I drove us all to Cineleisure because we were having buffet dinner at Kbox hahaha.
Singing karaoke wohooo!!!~
My surprise cake with my fav Woodstock HAHAHA
The way they brought the cake in was epic funny! I was getting kinda bored because Jace & Stella disappeared for a really long time on the pretext of going to the toilet.
Turns out they walked to 313@Somerset’s Charlie Brown Cafe despite a branch at Cine’s level 4…
I got suspicious because they weren’t coming back after a super duper long time. Then I got thirsty and wanted to go get myself a drink.
Super good timing because I walked out before Wanjun and Sinhui could stop me and found the other 2 outside the door bringing the cake in LOLOLOL.
But nevertheless, thank you my gzbs!! :D
I am so not crying because I was touched. Stella blinded me with her camera’s flash and it was so darn painful!!!!!! T.T
Our pri school memories lol – shit we do when we run out of Korean songs to sing hahah
Ended the night at 10pm and we all went home because sad working adults like us had work the next morning boohoo.
They bought me a charm from Pandora :) The mouse on the far right.
My birthday month usually comes with alot of perks who try and make you spend even more during your birthday month – Juyin always says nevermind just spend because it’s your birthday, super good excuse to use lol!
Went to Laniege a few days later to utilise my 20% discount during my birthday month. I got really lucky and was picked for their birthday treat actually. Will blog that in another entry!
And then my chao dongsaeng Xuanzhi treated me to Yoogane the following weekend for dinner lol.
I should really update that entry I wrote about Yoogane because I feel like the service standards have dropped since :(
Really sad because I find the F&B service standards in Singapore to be really below par compared to other Asian countries.
I love eating out in Taiwan because they really know how to treat their patrons/customers well.
But oh wells, that’s life!
Anyway, if you read this then lucky you hahaha! Please note that Yoogane requires a min 2 portions for the food to be served in the pan yah.
No one told me that on my first visit -.-” Or maybe I didn’t hear it la. But yeah, found this only at the menu that they placed near the entrance of the restaurant.
The staff when taking our orders did not offer this information till I asked about it so… tskkkkkk!
Ordered the usual chicken dakgalbi and a portion of fried rice + cheese. Yum!
Helloooooooooo dakkies! (Dak is chicken in Korean)
Took this to send to Carol via Instagram HAHAHAAH! Evil la us lol. I also made XZ drink a bottle of makkgeolli with me that night too even though he was still a little hungover from the night before.
Fried the rice and cheese when we were done with the chicken! YUMMMMMMMMMY!
Thank you XZ for the treat haha! Noona will be nicer to you in future wahahahaha~
Ending this post with my Disney nails, design by Janelle (/elleandish on Youtube). You can link the tutorial here. I spent the whole afternoon doing them painstakingly (clearly not enough gong fu lor haha) but it’s okay, I’m quite pleased with the outcome of it.
Well, that marks the end of my birthday celebrations. Nothing really special now that we’re entering August soon (boooooo gotta wait another 11 months till next year’s birthday HAHAHA) but I hoped you enjoyed reading this.
BYE! ^^

Hong Kong: Short Getaway

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Hello! So I was in Hong Kong in February this year (I know right, now then blog. Procrastination stinkssss!) right after CNY and my KL work trip with my bf and my mother.
Kinda like my first official holiday this year which turned out to be quite a bad one O.o You’ll see why later on actually.
Extremely early flight out of Singapore to Hong Kong via SQ hence we had an early start. Le bf almost gave me a scare because he needed a visa to go to HK and the girl at the check-in counter refused to let us check-in  till he got those sorted out online -.-” #woesofdatingaforeigner
Hong Kong airport still remains as one of my favourite airports in the world because of the variety of stores available there – DFS is freaking awesome there and there is a Disneyland store there :D
Weather was cold yet erratic. It can fluctuate from being relatively cool at 18 degrees to 8 degrees in a span of 2 hours wtf. We certainly weren’t prepared for 8 degrees then D:
Arrived at the airport and took the bus A21 to our hotel – The Cityview – which is located in Yau Ma Tei.
I have stayed here countless of times on my several trips to Hong Kong and while many may balk at the idea of staying in Kowloon as opposed to the more atas Hong Kong island, I like it due to the proximity to Mongkok and other parts of Hong Kong itself.
Anyway, the trip from the airport to Yau Ma Tei took us about 45 mins and cost us HK$33 each which we paid with our Octopus card, available for purchase at the counter directly outside of the arrival gates.
Of course, by then we had equipped ourselves with data, tech-whores we are lol the bf and I.
You can easily get the cards on the departure hall at a store called ‘1010’. I honestly cannot understand why it was on the departure level and not on the arrival hall but nevertheless, getting the SIM cards were a breeze despite the haughty attitude of the staff there.
I apologise really for the lack of pictures to make it a full blown travelogue entry but I was really beat on that trip. Taking care of the needs of the mother as well as the bf plus working non-stop + CNY festivities really took a toll on my energy levels lol.
It was like my battery remained at dangerously low levels throughout and I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I did unlike my previous trips to the land of dim sum.
Anywho, continuing with the entry!
After check-in at our hotel, it was time for a late late lunch and I honestly cannot remember what we had for lunch that day but yeah I remember dinner lol!
We met up with Billy who is working in HK at Harbour City for dinner hahaha. We went to a burger joint for dinner and had good company.
I could really feel how much Billy misses Singapore because the gang of us are here, given that I had a taste of it when I was in Europe last year for a stretch of 4 months. But his is permanent though :x Thankfully, HK is just a 3.5 hour flight away from Singapore!
Ended Day 1 quite late and went back to rest. The mother couldn’t sleep that night and that was the start of my nightmare :(
She was extremely lethargic the next day when we headed out to Sham Shui Po for Tim Ho Wan at brunch.
But first off, what is Hong Kong without having curry fishballs huh? Hehehe. Actually, the bf just got hungry and decided he needed to fill up his tummy first.
Luckily he did so because we waited a good 1 hour before we got our seats at Tim Ho Wan.
Note to self, never go to Tim Ho Wan on a weekend! D:
Oh, and Billy came with us to Tim Ho Wan for some dim sum. Sad to say, the standards have dropped so I don’t think I will visit it in future trips to HK :(
Boo pls. They ended up tasting like the Singapore outlets sigh. Nvm, next time just eat in Singapore can already haha!
Gei dan zai~ Yum!
Shortly after, Billy left the 3 of us to have dinner with his parents and we went to Tsim Sha Tsui to meet another friend, Qian Hui.
By then my mum was totally out of battery and we had to send her back to the hotel and ta-baoed some porridge for her because the bf, myself and Qian Hui were on our way to Lan Kwai Fong for dinner + some drinking haha.
But not before stopping in at the humongous Sasa store along the way. I may be tired and exhausted, but you can always count on makeup to energize me hehe!
Took a cab to Lan Kwai Fong from Yau Ma Tei, my first time in a cab actually in HK. I mostly relied on MTRs and buses on my HK trips because I’ve heard how exorbitant the fees can be. But it was okay that night, about HKD180 and to just simply speed there without having to climb up that torturous hills in Central? Best HKD180 spent lol!


Breakfast the next morning at Tai Hing which is a chain store of cha chan tengs before we headed to Disneyland! It was my 4th time in HK Disneyland and even then, it didn’t feel too boring for me? More like I was going home lololol! I really love Disney and all their characters haha.
But my bf was a total downer -.-” Next time, I am gonna go with the girls instead lol. They understand me more than this stupid man does about my Disney obsession haha!
Taking the MTR all the way to Sunny Bay where the Disneyland Resort is located
Disney train! :D
HK Disneyland to me will remain as one of the best memories because I’ve spent so many wonderful times here. First real Disney experience (I went to Euro Disney when I was 11 but I cannot remember shit about it) with all my loved ones: with my mum in 2007, 2010 and now 2014, the bff in 2009, the bf in 2014 and with the Gambit OG mates in 2012.
This is my favorite hobby in Disneyland – getting the coin presses! Here’s me and the Duffy design lol. I have a few from the past years but sadly, the copper will oxidize and change colour so please bear that in mind each time you throw your money down the machine haha.
 I love the magical feel of Disneyland. Somehow it makes me feel very young all the time and I’m a pretend Disney princess LOL!
My favourite princess is Rapunzel but we couldn’t find her :( Sad die me, haix. But it was nice, even if the parade doesn’t change every year lol. My favourite time to go is actually in winter! The characters actually change their outfits according to the seasons. They even have special CNY ones hahaha!
My mum fell quite ill at Disneyland towards the later part. Think the weather didn’t help too so yeah :'( We had to bring her to a doctor the next day and let her rest the entire time. Somehow HK doesn’t like me and my mum very well huh when we go there together lol. Shit always happens one. But thankful we had friends around to help with the translation and all.
Next morning was our last full day in HK as we were leaving the next afternoon. Went to queue for Jenny Bakery cookies! :D
Queue was hideously long despite us arriving about 15 mins after the supposed opening hours.
By the way, each customer is entitled to only 5 items each, irregardless of whether you’re buying 5 big tins or 5 small tins, still 5 each! (Update 2015: They have now restricted each customer to only buy 1 large and 1 small tin daily)
My advice is to go early if you can afford to. We waited approximately 45 mins and only those with number tags were allowed to purchase from the store.
Bought 15 tins in total because there were 3 of us lol. Grace was there with us while my mum was sleeping in the hotel room.
Lunch was at a cha chaan teng along Ladies Street at Sai Yung Choi St and after sending my mum back to the hotel to rest cos I forced her to take the meds lest her condition worsens, the 3 of us went out back to Mongkok.
Mongkok is just a good 5-10 minute walk away from The Cityview hence I really love the location of the hotel!
Bought this cold noodles which is a must have for me because…. it’s just awesome. Someone open a franchise in Singapore please? LOL
Dinner for the night was at Yung Kee in Central, very famous for their roast goose meat and this century egg appetiser.
Must order!
Twas a nice evening, 5 young people heading out to a bar afterwards to have drinks lolol.
I was telling them how issit that we don’t meet that often in Singapore but when we are overseas we meet so often! The bf and I were meeting friends every single day throughout the trip until the final day when we left haha.
Ok last meal before I left Hong Kong was obviously an all-time favourite for me – bo luo custard bun wohooooo!
Ok, gonna end it like this and…. I feel so fail about this entry because of the lack of pics and information. Anyway, I will be heading to Taiwan next month and hopefully I will be more inspired to do something blog related.
Till then, bye and thanks for reading :D