Tokyo Travelogue: Day 5 Tokyo DisneySea

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After spending 1 full day in Tokyo Disneyland the day before, we were ready to go for Tokyo DisneySea the next morning.

The bff and I wore our new t-shirts bought in Tokyo Disneyland because we wanted to blend in with the locals lol. By the way, I’ve never worn that shirt out ever since, wearing it only at home to sleep because it’s so… eye-catching HAHAHA.


Boarded the free shuttle bus to the Bayside Station from our hotel’s entrance.



One single trip cost 260yen and you can pay with your PASMO or Suica card.


Alighted at the Tokyo DisneySea station to find a HUGE crowd (what’s new really) and the crowd seems to be much more than TDL’s the day before omg T___T


Ohhh the band to welcome you with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!




I made my brother brisk walk ahead of us to get to Toy Story Mania for the FastPass tickets while the rest of us tried to catch up behind.


…. They were camping for the morning show on the river that starts at 10am. This was 15 mins after opening hours at 8am. #dedication #iwillnotjoinyouguys


Tokyo Travelogue: Day 4 Tokyo Disneyland

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Ahhhh welcome to the wonderful world of Disney everyone! It’s actually all of our first time here in Tokyo Disneyland and the bff and I were so eggcited :D

So in true blue Singaporean fashion, we were camping outside the gates of Disneyland before opening hours after dropping our luggage at the partner hotel (review) and the crowd was really no joke. All the talk online about how the queues snake till dunno where even before the parks open were all true D:


My brother was not amused by the Japanese dedication to Disney lol



Disney staff will be holding signs to advise you to walk instead of running in to the parks because I’ve read online reviews of how people actually run in to an attraction to gain a FastPass.


No. 1 attraction in Disneyland and it was closed for maintenance T________T #reasontogobacktoTDL


We visited during their Easter festival so the park was decorated with the Disney characters in egg form – super cute! I’ve heard that Halloween in Disneyland is also very cool so I really want to visit again during that period.


Anyway we started going in towards Tomorrowland because the original plan was to queue for the Monsters Inc ride but it was closed. Nevertheless, the Star Wars ride was open so we queued for that attraction first.