Korea Travelogue: Day 6 Boseong Green Tea Plantation

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Kicked off day 6 in Korea with breakfast provided by Pedro. This will be served at the Voyagers Travel Café and Pedro himself prepped the food and beverages for us together with two other guests.

Simple breakfast of half a bagel with some cream cheese, banana slices, cherries and a chunk of cheese to nibble on. I also had a cuppa that morning because coffee and I are together for life already xD #caffeineaddict

Pedro called a taxi for us using his trusty KakaoTalk app – I don’t think this is available on the international version – kinda like how Uber operates and we went to U-Square to get onto the bus to Boseong.

Journey to Boseong bus terminal took us around 1.5 hours, fare was KRW8,400/pax

Bought myself more coffee for the bus ride because Park Seo Joon was on it *insert heart eyes* and I loved him in She Was Pretty! We arrived at Boseong bus terminal and then quickly found a taxi to the green tea plantation. Note: The buses to Boseong from Gwangju doesn’t bring you directly to the green tea plantation, you have to either take a separate bus or taxi to reach it. Taxi fare typically costs KRW7,000-10,000/trip and takes around 15 minutes. If you cannot speak Korean, remember to print out the address/location in Hangul to show to the taxi driver.