Korea Travelogue: Day 8 – Cube Studio Cafe

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By the time you’re reading this entry, I’m already in the land of Rising Sun, probably frolicking somewhere in Harajuku or Shibuya lol. So the rest of the entries will have to wait till I return to Singapore because I’m too lazy and procrastinate too much too busy planning for my Japan trip. Heh.

I mentioned in my last entry that after Insadong, four of us went back to Cube Studio Café because it was closed the first time we visited. Took the train to Cheongdam Station and made our way to Cube Studio Café, not before passing by MOLDIR for the bff to reserve her bag lol. The things we do outta love <3


If you look carefully, each stocking is labelled by girl idol group members names LOL. Ajumma, one Sunny stocking pls! :D


Took a different route to get to Cube this time, passing by the old SM Entertainment building which has since been converted into a training facility for trainees. You will most likely see the current promoting SM group splashed across the building to recognise it. And yes, I know it’s bloody long since Red Velvet promoted their 2nd single. They’ve since added a new member in and promoted another single fml.


Checked out the bags in this huge MCM store along the way as well. Didn’t see anything I liked so we all walked out empty handed. It seems that the brand is getting much more sales from tourists thanks to the Hallyu wave. And FYI, this is a Korean brand even though it has German origins. Just a fun fact lol.



Went in to use their toilet too lol. It was weird having the EXO advertisement play non-stop on the tiny screen inside the cubicle :/


Finally reached the café after much pit stops HAHAHA. It’s open!! THANK GOD.