Korea Travelogue: Day 8 Taejongdae & Nampo-dong

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Second day in Busan started off with us searching for breakfast. Found this atas looking Kimbap Heaven behind the bus stop that we had to board to head to Taejongdae and decided to settle our breakfast there.

Bff and I ordered our standard cheese ramen because it only taste da best in Korea xD

Stella had the tonkatsu and we shared 2 rolls of kimbap among the 3 of us. Boarded bus no. 101 to Taejongdae at the bus stop directly outside Kimbap Heaven and voila, ended up at Taejongdae in about 50 mins. Look out for the 태종대 word at the bus route stated at the bus stops for confirmation.

Entrance to Taejongdae is free of charge BUT lazy asses like us paid KRW 2,000 each to get a ticket for the Danubi Train which brings you to different spots within the park itself. You can definitely explore Taejongdae on foot but….. it would really be very tiring lol.

Danubi Train

Ours was the 8th train so we had to wait for our train to arrive. The staff will inform via loudspeaker/signs which train is currently boarding passengers.


Korea Travelogue: Day 7 Busan & Spaland

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Headed off to Busan from Gwangju very early in the morning, picking up some toast from Isaac Toast at U-Square for breakfast because we had a very long journey to Busan.

As usual, we bought our bus tickets the day before because we’re kiasu like this HAHAHAH! Boarded the bus and we arrived in Busan’s Nopo bus terminal in about 3.5 hours.

Took the metro down to Busan Station which was an additional 40 minute journey where our AirBnb was located. I will show the AirBnb that we stayed in later on in this entry. Dropped off our luggage and then set off immediately for lunch at 쌍둥이 돼지국밥 (Ssangdongi Dwaeji Gukbap).


부산시 남구 대연1동 877-1 번지

It’s about 3 minutes by foot from Exit 3 of Daeyeon station. You may refer to the map above for more information :D

We decided to come here because we haven’t tried any guk bap (guk bap is basically soup with rice) before and this restaurant was one of the recommended places or 맛집 (mat jib) as the locals would say but personally, I was quite disappointed by this dish because the taste was very weird to me. I was expecting the soup to taste a little like normal pork based soups but the smell of pork was so overwhelming I couldn’t stomach down more than a few mouthfuls of the guk bap. Each bowl costs KRW6,000.

And we realised that most of the restaurant’s patrons were locals and we were the only group of foreigners so the conclusion was dwaeji gukbap is an acquired taste lol and you may not like it if you’re not used to it.


Korea Travelogue: Day 6 Boseong Green Tea Plantation

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Kicked off day 6 in Korea with breakfast provided by Pedro. This will be served at the Voyagers Travel Café and Pedro himself prepped the food and beverages for us together with two other guests.

Simple breakfast of half a bagel with some cream cheese, banana slices, cherries and a chunk of cheese to nibble on. I also had a cuppa that morning because coffee and I are together for life already xD #caffeineaddict

Pedro called a taxi for us using his trusty KakaoTalk app – I don’t think this is available on the international version – kinda like how Uber operates and we went to U-Square to get onto the bus to Boseong.

Journey to Boseong bus terminal took us around 1.5 hours, fare was KRW8,400/pax

Bought myself more coffee for the bus ride because Park Seo Joon was on it *insert heart eyes* and I loved him in She Was Pretty! We arrived at Boseong bus terminal and then quickly found a taxi to the green tea plantation. Note: The buses to Boseong from Gwangju doesn’t bring you directly to the green tea plantation, you have to either take a separate bus or taxi to reach it. Taxi fare typically costs KRW7,000-10,000/trip and takes around 15 minutes. If you cannot speak Korean, remember to print out the address/location in Hangul to show to the taxi driver.