Paulalogy.com remains as my personal blog. I will choose what I would like to post and write about so all entries are 100% my own thoughts and feelings. All pictures posted are my personal property unless otherwise stated. I will give credit to the source but I am also human so if I have left out something/not given you your due credit, please feel free to point it out to me nicely. Likewise, if you take something out of my blog, please credit me as well, tyvm :D


Are your product reviews sponsored?

No, I buy all the stuff with my own hard-earned money. And yes, all that make-up belongs to me! I am also not affiliated with any company/brands so if I do receive products, I will mention them clearly in the post! The reviews are also my own opinions, I write only when I truly feel like sharing these information out to you guys.

What camera are you using?

I use mostly my iPhone 6, occasionally my Canon 70D and 550D for pictures when I’m feeling hardworking hahaha!

How do I become a sponsor/contact you?

Simply send me an email via the contact form or send me an email and we will discuss further from there :D

Are you interested in collaborations?

Of course I’d be interested in them! Especially if they are of things that I’m interested in. Just pop me a mail and I’ll get back to you :)



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