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Hello! Omg my first entry on this blog :D Welcome~

Sorry it took me so long to get this sorted out, this site has actually been live for a few months just that I didn’t go around publicising that I’m using this URL now oops. I changed my host and the switch really screwed up my layout and picture quality of my previous blog posts so I still am actually in the midst of re-uploading everything and sorting out the layout. It’s really a pain in the butt to do everything from scratch and getting used to this hosting site now after using my previous host for so many years! But the majority of the issues have been settled hence the decision to launch the site. Take it like a soft launch ya? HAHA.

Firstly, I wanna thank my friend Carol from The Exquisistic Box who helped do up the blog layout for me! Hehe.

She put in a lot of hard work, doing this for the sake of our friendship (LOLOL!) and all the constant nagging from me and guilt-tripping before she did up the layout worked. And then it was her turn to get me to edit all the nitty gritty stuff like the picture quality issues I mentioned earlier on O.O Wah lau I was super stressed ok.

Initially wanted to launch before 2014 ended up but alas, I jetted off to Korea for a 2 week holiday heh and when I returned I had to go to Taiwan for a work trip which resulted in the super long delay once more. I finally got down to doing all the editing just this week and yay, super efficient me managed to do like 70% of them already.



As you know I use the username ‘paulalogy’ on most of my social media network accounts save for Twitter (sorry, @paula0713 was my inspiration from Donghae’s Twitter ID hor so cannot change because I got the Twitter account because of him hahaha! #fangirl) so when Carol egged me to get a dot com for my blog, we decided to use

My blog is mobile friendly so you can still read it on the go and I’m very satisfied with how this space of mine turned out both on the computer as well as on the mobile version. Of course we will still be doing periodic adjustments to the layout whatsoever as and when so yeah if there are any issues please let me know through the comments section TIA!

Anyway, to thank Carol for her hard work I sent her a box of makeup to spruce up her life lol. I swear she hasn’t bought that much makeup in one sitting (I have though!) and she totally squealed with happiness when she received it. I can understand how she feels because this is how I feel each time I open a package from wherever I’ve ordered makeup from hahaha!


My plan was to gift her various items covering base, cheeks, eyes and lip products and I think I covered them quite well. With the exception of the Laneige x push Button, IOPE BB Cushion pacts and some benefit items which were what she asked me to help her buy/prizes from IG competitions, the rest were all products I’ve used and liked alot. So those items were bought by me and I placed everything in a Sephora giftbox (filled to the brim as you can see) to ease the friend bringing all these items over to her in Paris.


She’s always telling me how Asian brands and the US brands are madly priced in France so I decided that I would not include any EU brands because it’s more easily available there so why bother right. Was majorly excited to see her reaction when she received all the items, so happy that she liked all the stuff I picked out.


Particularly was the Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Toasted Sugar because I knew she really wanted this but couldn’t bear to pay the exorbitant prices at Galeries Lafayette – not that TANGS is selling Tom Ford cheaply but it’s definitely way lesser than what she would have paid in Europe man! – so I bought it specially for her. I don’t even own any TF nail lacquers and I actually bought it for her lol so can you see how much I love her.


Anyway, going to end this post abruptly because I don’t know what else to say. It’ll be bittersweet for me to say goodbye to my old blog but hey 旧的不去新的不来 so let’s hope I shake off any lingering feelings for the old blog soon! Let’s have more fun here and create a ton of memories here instead! :)

Will definitely be more hardworking in my blogging so do bear with me if I go off for long periods with no updates – I have a full time job too T.T

You can most definitely find me on IG or any other platforms else just leave a comment in the comments section.

Till next time, bye!


I’m still alive… Really!

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Hello! Long time no see hehe *shows guilty face*
I’ve kinda disappeared from this space for a while because…. PROCRASTINATION RULES!
So much so that since my last entry it’s been 2 months already and my bf has actually flown to the UK to start his masters already haha!
Anyway, just to have a short update on what I’ve been up to:

1. Had a free 2D1N staycation at Shangri-La resort in Sentosa because I won it from a contest

No really, I won it lol. Even the bf was shocked because… where got so heng right? Anyway, it was good because we stayed there for a night after collecting our new iPhone 6 that day :D
Dinner that night was at Chilli’s in Resorts World Sentosa. He had the ribs while I opted for the chicken.
It was just a short stay because we checked out of the hotel at 12pm and then went to Vivocity to have Jamie’s Kitchen and to buy more stuff for his UK stay.

2. Sent him off on the 23rd of Sept to UK for a year 

It was really difficult for me when I got home that night – I was silently crying under my blanket lol!
But anyhow, he’s settling in really well there and made alot of new friends apparently! I’ve resigned myself to being sad, lonely and single (physically) every night too. It’s just work and home then dance class and church on the weekends.

And he did finish my Rapunzel puzzle before he left lol! Good bf :D
Actually he started this puzzle back in April before he left for Taiwan. It was done approx 30% and I just was too lazy to complete it really. So when he returned in September, I nagged at him to finish it for me so I could frame it up. He finished in within a day O.O What the….?

3. Makeover at YSL

I had a dinner function to attend and this really came just nicely! I love the way the MUA did my brows using just eyeshadow but my smokey eyes were… borderlining looking like a panda lol.
But hey, YOLO and I finally did a full out smokey eye look! *O/*
I have another makeover to use at Anna Sui so… will see how it turns out then too haha! I love doing makeovers because it’s so interesting to see the MUAs at work.

4. Meet-up with Dream Team for dinner

Yay I finally met my university lab group mates for dinner! Yes, I’m the only female in this group but hey, these buggers do not treat me like a girl lor haha.
We went to Furama Riverfront Hotel to have dinner at Kintamani Restaurant.
It’s a Indonesian restaurant and the food is pretty decent albeit at hotel prices.
Had a good chat with the 3 of them – omg my chao ah beng lab partner is getting married in 2016 lol!
We chatted for a good 4 hours, close to 5 actually and then parted ways. Then while I was gonna walk further away to my bus stop, they called me back to take photos lol. Wah lau eh *flips table*
It’s pretty hilarious how we actually walked back to the hotel just to get chio lighting and background haha – men can be very narcissistic too ok!
But anyway, I had fun that night! It felt like the good ol’ NUS days where we try not to burn down the lab with our reckless behaviour lol.

5. Finished dance class from Infinite

Omonaaaaaaa, it’s actually my 4th Infinite class for the year haha! I thought I’d be full out ‘Infinite dance class only’ but erh I’m learning Super Junior’s right now too :X
Nevermind, I still call 2014 my year of Infinite dances lol! Here’s us with our instructor who clearly is younger than all of us :/

6. MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Thunder may not renew their contracts T.T

Ok this has nothing to do with my life but… I’m so sad really!!!!! T.T
Don’t do this to me really, not when I’m so into you guys only now…..
When the news came in, I was in a meeting then after which… I couldn’t concentrate at work!
SOBSSSSSSSSS. Ok la, anyway will just hope for the best. Else, I wish you all the best Joonie oppa and Doongdoong! LOL. Machiam my friends ah. HEHEHEHE.
And lastly on the beauty front – I’m so darn broke right now it’s not even funny anymore >_<
Went down to Sephora ION to check out the new benefit X’mas gift sets after Mamacita class last Sunday.
The bff stopped me from buying anything. Like really -.-” She told me to go enter their IG competition instead. We both did in the end. You see her caption below.
Ending this entry with food obviously – what else is new? xD
Dinner at Itacho a few days back. This is for 4 pax portion omg!
Alrighty, getting into my blogging mojo. Hopefully Carol will be done with my new layout soon and I will officially move over to a dot com site :D :D :D
Till then, bye!

Laneige Birthday Treat!

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Hello! I’m here to blog about the Laneige Birthday treat that I won last month hahaha.
We appeared on the Laneige SG’s Instagram that night lol! Thanks for beautifying my face hahahaha!
Really glad to have actually won this because frankly speaking I wasn’t expecting to win #sonegative
But my birthday month always seems to hold a lot of surprises for me (July babies FTW!!) and… yeah I won it despite the overwhelming response from many of the Club Laneige members born in July.
You can read about the birthday treat here or keep a lookout on Laneige SG’s Facebook page where they will announce the registration for the birthday treat. Good luck to the August – December babies yeah ;)
FYI this is only available this year because it is Laneige’s 20th anniversary so probably won’t have such events from next year onwards!
Ok, let’s move on with the entry! Eggcited much to be primped and pampered so well by the team of makeup artists from Laniege and hairstylists from Blow+Bar.
I invited the bff, Jace and Wanjun along for this treat because they were the ones I had in mind when I submitted the entry. So that Saturday after our Last Romeo class, we had lunch at Plaza Singapura before heading down to Raffles Place to get to Blow+ Bar.
We were gonna have a beauty makeover, express manicure and hairstyling as part of the birthday treat.
Oh and the cool thing about Blow+ Bar is that they actually have a bar concept where they serve alcoholic drinks to their customers. We all had either cider (Somersby!) or champagne (I was the only one drinking it).
Jacelyn and I did our makeup first while Sinhui and Wanjun did their hair first and then we switched places afterwards. Pretty fun to actually be getting makeovers from professional makeup artists despite me being a makeup addict because the techniques they used are pretty different from us mundane humans LOL!
The makeup artist who did my makeup that day is Cynthia. She’s actually stationed at the Laneige store in Tampines. I usually patronize the boutique store at Plaza Singapura because it’s on the NEL and more convenient for me to get home lol so it was my first time meeting her that day.
Here’s the palette I picked out for my eyes – Pure Radiant Shadow in No. 5 City Khaki
I wanted to go all full out smokey because I’m not very good at doing smokey eyes so I wanted to see how the makeup works on my eyes. Picked this palette because of that deep navy colour in the bottom right corner. Prettay! :D
But I do have to say the staying power of these shadows seem quite weak in comparison to other brands. The oils in my lids kinda made the shadows disappear after 3 hours. Boo. Maybe things will improve if an eye primer was used – Cynthia only applied a BB cream all over my lids as a base.
I actually told Sinhui to pick No. 7 Miss Twinkle. The moss green is really lovely, very autumn de feel hahaha! You will see her eye look later below.
Totally living the taitai life here haha! One person do my hair, the other doing my nails LOL!
And we all had a hair mask done during the washing. Relax max! Opted for large waves at the bottom of my hair to channel my inner Kpop star LOL!
Laneige also kindly prepared 4 bags of goodies for us! THANK YOU LANEIGE SINGAPORE :D Birthday girl gets the bigger bag hehe xD
This is Doreen, brand manager from Laneige Singapore who took care of us throughout the entire time.
Thank you dear! :)
Here’s me with lovely Cynthia who did my makeup.
Group pictures! We all really looked quite different with the beauty makeover hahaha. Oops :P
Individual shots of the girls – minus me because I was the photographer lol.
We left at approximately 6.30pm and went to the toilet to camwhore lol. Super zi lian leh we all but…. we were all dolled up and nicely made up so why not right?
Shoo-ed everyone out because we were attracting weird stares from everyone in the toilet lol and then we went out to the area outside and the sun was still up. Great lighting = photoshoot time lol! Yup, finished camwhoring in the toilet then headed to next location to continue HAHAHA!
We were trying to imitate Yonghwa lol! See reference below.
Spent a good 30mins to an hour trying to catch the last of the daylight before the sun set by taking OOTDs. I kinda failed very badly due to me being unable to pose naturally. Makes me salute those fashion bloggers  (You as well Carol if you’re reading this lol) who can pose so naturally for the camera.
So below were the… nicer shots we took that day HAHAHAHA.
Alright, that’s all for this post! Thank you Laneige Singapore for giving me and my friends this opportunity. I really enjoyed it a lot and am really grateful that we were all well taken care of by the team from Laneige and Blow+ Bar. And also to Melissa from Laneige who contacted me and telling me I was picked as the winner haha!
I’m really interested to explore more of Laneige’s makeup range. I have been a loyal user of their BB cushions – in fact I am still using the older version Laniege Snow BB Cushion – so I did pick up a Serum Intense Lipstick which I hope to review soon lol. *screams* Cheon Song Yi colour everybody!
Have also always been a loyal user of the Water Bank Gel Cream and I did pick up the eye cream and essence using my birthday discount last month so hopefully they will work wonders and make me look like Song Hye Kyo okay? xD
Anyway, do keep a lookout for my review on Laneige’s Pore Control BB Cushion coming up in the next few weeks! It’s part of my “BB Cushion Challenge” that I mentioned in my previous entry haha.
Alrights, annyeong! ^^