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Hi! I’m the writer/owner of this blog, Paula. I live in a small sunny island called Singapore with my family and am a full-time working adult that contributes to society (LOL!).  This space on the vast world wide web is an outlet for me to share my daily muses, wanderlust feelings, love-hate relationship with food, k-pop feels and my love affair with all things beauty/makeup related.


I am a girl with many loves – makeup, nail polish, Disney, K-pop idols (Super Junior, Big Bang, Infinite and 2NE1 to name a few), rainbow cakes, K-dramas, Korean variety shows (Running Man & The Return of Supermen are my must watch!) and travelling so expect a different variety of blog posts from me. I don’t plan my posts, I simply whip out my camera to take down details and somehow or another it’ll turn into a blog entry hehe :P


You will find me mostly on Instagram (@paulalogy) because I’m addicted to my phone at all times and it’s a buzzing community in IG so do hop over and join me there if you can. When this space gets a bit slow on updates, you can also read my Dayre (dayre.me/paulalogy) because it is easier for me to update while on the go! At times I find myself so bogged down by work that I simply have no extra energy to do a blog entry here but my Dayre would be updated more frequently. I mostly rant there but yeah, I do insert my thoughts on random things that happen in my life everyday too!


Psssssst…. In case you’re wondering why is there a “pau” icon in the title, that’s because close friends call me Pau, kinda like the short form for Paula. But please don’t mess up the spelling of my actual name, I will really throw a bitchfit. Just kidding ;)



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